Hangover Roundup - What did we miss during the party?

What a party...are there any survivors?

The October 10th celebrations for the 4th anniversary of My Little Pony sort-of blurred into a 3-day bender of ponies, prizes, and booze. While we were getting blotto with the birthday bash, some fandom fun was taking place that we were in no condition to care about. A quick lookback at some of the stuff we missed.
First up of course is that "music video" up there that Hasbro put out on the Anniversary itself...which is rather touching Actually.

There seems to have been an update on the IMDB description of the Season 5 Premier.

The Anniversary Scarf / Tracy plushie giveaway birthed dozens of new images for our favorite homicidal OC "Tracy Cage", celebrating the 4th Anniversary. Also: durl

The drinking game got pretty intense.

Andy Price made Horse News a drawing of the HN OC "Newsie".

Guardians of the Galaxy ponies were revealed thanks to Stan Lee's Comikaze

Tonight is the Hub's last night, before becoming Discovery Family. So there's that.

We might have more after a nap...

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  1. Seeing as My Little Pony and LPS are still going to be on Discovery Family, and i really watched nothing more on the Hub, i don't really care.

    1. Your ignorance is embarrassing.

    2. HUB FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    3. I read that in the voice of Ravage from Beast Wars.

  2. Image of Bautista pony power bombing something requested

  3. I never expected to see my durl pic make it to HN, but thanks I guess!
    This was thrown together in 2 minutes with stolen artwork from Google Image, just for the record.