Trotcon 2015 Announcements

Horse News always comes first. Or at least we try to.
While Trotcon is supposed to be making their 2015 announcements tomorrow in an official newsletter, Horse News masturbated vigorously at the information given to us during the recent Trotcon stream tonight and decided that we would come first. More information below the break!

Yes, as weird as it sounds, Trotcon decided to make announcements on a fuzzy Livestream before anywhere else, including Twitter and the usual news sites. Here's some of the factoids handed down:

  • Trotcon is happening smack dab in the middle of the busy Summer con season from July 17th - 19th.
  • The convention is changing locations and will now be located at the Crowne Plaza in Columbus, Ohio.
  • With the discounted rate, hotel rooms at the Plaza will be $95 a night. Rumor has it that this hotel has actual breakfast besides Starbucks and overpriced room service.
  • Weekend tickets will start at the low, low price of $25 and go up from there. I believe it'll be going up in increments of $10, but the stream kept going in and out at that point.
  • You will be able to apply for vendor and panelists spots starting tomorrow, although if you want to be staff you can apply right now.
  • If you want to be staff you will only get discounted hotel options if you can prove that you're desperately poor and need it, so if you're volunteering just for discounts keep that in mind.
  • With a new hotel comes more room, including a larger vendor's room. No word yet on exactly how many vendors they'll be able to fit compared to last year, but it will be rectangle shaped as opposed to triangle shaped.
  • Vendor tables will be $120 for a full table (with two weekend tickets included) and $60 for a half table (one weekend ticket included).
  • The new hotel will have free parking and an outdoor pool- if you're not afraid of exposing your man titties to the world that pool might actually mean something to a few of you readers.
  • As part of the magic theme the 2015 con will have, they're giving everybody quizzes and then using the results to place attendees in 4 different groups similar to Hogwarts. The groups will be based on the 4 princesses. Inb4 everyone tries to get answers that will place them in the Luna group while avoiding the Twilight group like the plague.
  • If you want more info, go to their official website.
And that just about wraps it up! Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to clean up some this sudden moisture.

Oh, and remember Trotcon staff that are surely reading this: you proved last year that a vendor's room without air conditioning all three days does not end up in a hot sweaty nerd orgy. Actually, I don't think I even saw any vendor strip off their cosplay in front of everyone! It's disappointing, I know, but please keep everything air conditioned this year!

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  1. Thank you, based Horse News, for supporting best con. :D

    1. >best con
      >any con but BronyCon

      Get your shit together, son

    2. > Implying Bronycon hasn't decreased in quality over the years.

      No seriously, their guest line up is only getting worse. Meanwhile Babscon got a ton of names last year and is starting big this year.

  2. My man-tits are ready for that pool, and also this con.