Thread Spotlight: Rainbow Rocks Leak?

The unthinkable has happened; one anon has possession of new caps from the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie. And he isn't giving up the movie torrent so easily.

Early this morning, an OP started the thread simply enough, with a jarring image not found in any of the currently-released sneak peaks.

The anons were quick to begin their investigative work.

Anons are not good at doing things themselves. Regardless, the caps continued.

There's no escape
This was just too perfect

 Naturally, hysteria ensued.

 So where's the movie? Will the anon come through to reveal his ├╝ber-HD rip of the flick? Sadly, it was just someone taking advantage of stills from an extremely recent trailer.

O-oh. That's kinda sad. Watch the trailer here, I guess.
>/mlp/ says they won't go see RR
>two dozen anons get in a hissy when the potential to see it early arises
Stay Frosty Mulp

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  1. >This video is not available in your location due to provider license restrictions.


    1. the guys in the thread are working on an upload. I'll post the link for download soon.

    2. Nevermind, it's here:

  2. >/sp/ and /v/ are flipping the fuck out about mod censorship
    >/pol/ says idz habbening
    >/mlp/ is fixated by screencap trolls
    Horsefucker priorities are best priorities

  3. Celestia teaches her students well. Trapped in another universe? Write in a magic book to communicate with her. Can't travel to the other universe because 2 1/2 year mirror travel restriction? Hack it with boilerpunk technomagic. Can't harness the Elements of Harmony? Use the Magic of Friendship instead.

  4. Great job reading the article. Did you even scroll? Or did you just click to comment?

  5. Don't fall for fake leaks. I've been looking for movie leaks for hours, and a surprising amount of people are pulling that prank. As far as I know, nothing has been leaked.