Hasbro nerfs twilight in equestria patch 1.01 before season 5

On the recent wake of discussion about the OverPowered state of Twilight Hasjew has decided to get the scissors and apply them to our loved twilight.

"Her kit was way too powerful, her abilities where immense and there was no way to stop her"
The professional competitive scene of horsefucking has already talked about it in exclusive for horse news, we will also give you all the information on this nerf, find out after the break.
Twilight's new look

Hasbro's statement:
Greetings horse lovers:
 Season 5 is getting closer everyday, and we found out that there are some problems with the balance of horse-world, twilight is the main problem that we want to fix ASAP.
The biggest issue with twilight's kit is that her abilities consumed no mana, and also problems with the kit itself, such as twilight's global teleport that had a ridiculously small cooldown and her ultimate, lesbian horse orgy that made everyone arround her look like a SSJ3 and ended up with a global destructor ray.
The second most important problem is her passive, the wings, wings are something that is bad, alicorns are bad and overpowered, and thus, we've decided to take them out, we consider that her ability to fly gave a obvious advantage over the oponents, because she was really fast and had immense power.
We have also made minor changes to rainbow dash, we've increased her marevag tightness from 1.24 to 1.5 because we tought she wasn't able to make her fucker cum as fast as one would expect of her. 
I hope this clarifies everything you needed to know about patch 1.01, we are also planning to release the following skins:
"Lesbian feminist rarity"
"Le ebin derp horse derpy"
 As we said before the professional competitive scene of horse fucking is already happy about this, and is preparing for the worlds on cumming inside rainbow dash.

Comments (2)

  1. Good thing my applebutt didn't got nerfed

  2. Fuck me, when patch for Pinkie Pie broken reality bending? That stuff is shit, once somedoby even managed to clone her way too many times.