Another Con Bites The Dust - Sydneigh 2014 Cancelled (UPDATED)

August 26th: "Sydneigh is 100% going ahead!"
September 17th: "Syndneigh is Cancelled"
That's right folks there won't be any pony fun down under this year, in a press release posted today.  Check it out below. 

Hope you weren't TOO excited...

UPDATES: Apparently Oz isn't immune to Con Drama. They really pissed in the ballpit on this one.

The Australia-based Brony Convention had this to say:


Sydneigh 2014 Cancelled 
Sydney, NSW, Australia – 17/09/2014 – The Executive team from Sydney Bronies Incorporated have been forced to announce the cancellation of Sydneigh 2014, which was to be held at the Australian Technology Park on the 27th & 28th of September.
Whilst we have been moved by the support from the community since previously announcing our financial difficulties. Since we met the first 2 goals we set for ourselves and the community, we have failed to meet any of our targets since.
Insufficient ticket sales, coupled with significant unexpected costs from our venue, have meant that our income is not able to support such an event. As such, we have been left with no choice but to cancel Sydneigh.
We would like to thank all those that have provided their support over the past 18 months, on what has been a very rocky journey at times. We would have loved nothing more than the event to be a success, however this has not been possible.
The executive have carried a motion, on the advice of our legal counsel, to begin immediately refunding tickets. Unfortunately, given the non-refundable expenses we have incurred (including the venue and voice-actor down-payments), our current cash reserves mean that we are only able to provide refunds of 70 cents in the dollar. This means that those who purchased a one-day ticket for $40 for example, would receive a refund of $28.
We understand this is not an ideal situation for anyone involved. As it stands, members of the executive have already committed several thousand dollars of their own money, and while we would prefer to refund people in full, this is simply not possible.
Once again, we thank those of you who have supported us and we are deeply disappointed that the event has not gone ahead as we planned.
Sydney Bronies Incorporated
ABN: 85 524 044 292
PO Box 476, Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216
So a 70% refund on registration costs?

Hope all of the Diamond VIP members who chipped in a Grand are happy with their $300 donations.

But wait there's more!
More on this as it develops

Some people are PISSED.
Especially THIS GUY.
The Following comes to us from a Facebook rant.


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  1. also to note, Michelle's FB notice was released an hour before Sydneigh released their statement that the con was canceled

    1. "I'm not going to be on social media for a while so I can masturbate furiously/work through this/sperg sperg sperg."


      "Holy shit, are people ever going to come after me for this one. Better make myself scarce!"

  2. Oh man, they used the picture that I made.

    I'd like to thank the Academy.

  3. it gets better

  4. Koroshi-Ya. I thought that name was familiar. He used to do pony rap. I remember because he had this really grating voice and his songs were mostly super cringeworthy. Don't know much about the guy personally, though. This is the first I've seen his name pop up in a long time. Guess that makes sense if he left the fandom.

    1. I know him personally. He's a pretty cool dude, even if he is a bit of a drama queen.

    2. >pretty cool dude
      >even if he is a bit of a drama queen

      That's hilarious. Must be an interesting reality you live in.

  5. Absolutely no-one who knew any of the "convention" staff is even remotely surprised by this. It was an absolute clusterfuck from the get-go, with their announcement being by someone with no relation to the convention who just stumbled upon their domain name - which was using the name "Bronycon Sydney", claimed to be the first MLP convention in Australia, and had a random Flickr stream including photos of underwear.


    "Yes, funding isn't an issue (certainly don't want a repeat of LPU!)." -

  6. You know, maybe you should've clearly stated that your Con Organizers' Guide was satire. Folks seem to be taking it seriously.

  7. "The Con Corsairs" is not only tragically funny because "corsair" means pirate, but also because "con" is a short for confidence trick. ^^