Tidbits: BronyCon, Sexual Animals, Alcohol, Sobriety, and Religious Experiences.

Tidbits: Pre-Bronycon Edition
We've got sexiness, spaghetti,  and stupidity, everything the Summer needs.
Lets get to it.

This came in from the submit box from a user named iBanana. Apparently Buzzfeed has a quiz that has been making the rounds for a couple months, the topic "What Kind of Animal Are You In Bed?". Out of 24310ish possible combinations (as if we passed math) there is ONE set of answers that yields THIS as a sexual animal.

In order to yield "pegasus" as a sexual appetite, you must use the following answers
1) Messy
2) Doing Favors
3) Brunch
4) Cop
5) They're OK
6) Whatever
7) Ryan Gosling
8) Mostly Arms
9) Sorry but also not sorry

So that's something.

A Twitter account called "every word in my ass" gave a bunch of horsefuckers new braeburn clopfic fuel.

The Panda Rings hit a new level, with the announcement of an OFFICIAL Hasbro "DJ-PON3" EDM remix album. Seriously. This is likely going to trigger a whole new series of C&D's as Hasbro will now be directly competing with horse musicians, even the wub wub kinds.

Then this happened.

Here is a mystery image that we expect you to solve. You have until Monday.

Some California fans are advertising a bonfire cookout party and likening it in-title to famed drug-crazed party "Burning Man".
We would be all for this. Hell we would send alcoholics reporters to such a thing.
We would even tell you where and when it IS. 

But then we read this: 


The Equestria Girls Edit Threads have been given new life by the release of the new clip. Extra points for the first one to link the above photo to Seth.

The waifu wars continue.

SaberSpark was visited by God himself. He used this once in a lifetime opportunity only to ask the creator of all things who best pony was, what he thought of the new haircut and take a selfie. Sources confirm that God is in fact a FlutterFag and has shit taste in waifus.

Provided here: A far more useful BronyCon Autism badge.

Holy Shit Really Man?

This Guy Happened.

Give it a second.

Made By CapperGeneral

Some attentionwhore made an art. He is really proud of it and wants to share it with you.

And finally: Convention Coverage - Horse News will be on the scene at BronyCon AND Galacon. Be sure to find them and give them all your juicy news bits.

Comments (11)

  1. >Official MLP albulm...and it's some dubstep remixes...kay.
    >Buzzfeed is recognising neckbeards, this is not news. Also IWTCITRD.
    >Mfw /mlp/ talking pretending they aren't the ones the badges where designed for.
    >SS YouTube career is long dead.

  2. For a second I legit thought that those EqG pictures were unedited and got very excited for the movie.
    Oh well, guess I'll never watch it now.

  3. Thats the hotel you are in or something?

    1. That's the only conclusion I can come to.

    2. Our operatives are semi-scattered across the area, but keep guessing :^)

    3. We are at the location, table in back. Next!

  4. I wish the old archive system from /co/ was still up.
    I clearly pinpoint the first time we saw Vinyl, we could've had the very first post to use the DJ-PON3 handle (the guy said it was a reference to Deadmau5) in that thread and the fight we had over that name and vinyl.

    Sad all of that was lost ;_;.

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