Nightmare Nights announces "community guests"


Horse News loves Press releases because we are lazy as fuck, and copy-paste is definitely a thing. Today our friend Borg sent us a thing telling us what #HorseFamous people are going to the Nightmare Nights 2: Erotic Scootaloo in the Fall.
You really don't need to read the press release below, the names are right here. Foal Papers is coming, he's the British one. "Whitedove Creations" is going, that's the one that sews. And then there's DustyKatt. So yeah, neat. Rest of the stuff below.

It is with great pleasure that Nightmare Nights Dallas announces our Community Guests, who will take part in this year’s celebration of the Mare in the Moon. They’ve contributed greatly to our fandom, whether through craftsmanship, through charitable work, or by sounding British.
It has been said that you will never hold a pony nor pet it’s mane, but neigh! This is not so! You can indeed hug a pony thanks to our first community guest, Sherry Bourlon, and her amazing talents at WhiteDove Creations. A professional seamstress and pretty pony plushie producer, Sherry makes some of highest quality, show accurate plushies in the fandom. She has also been making Native American regalia for over 10 years. This master of her craft will give away, to one lucky attendee of her panel at NMND, one of her amazing plush creations! Come and learn the (dark) secrets of her craft and have your chance at taking home one of her ponies for your very own!
Our next guest lives a humble life, filled with hard work, a clear head, and a mug of good cider at the end of the day. A true embodiment of the Elements of Harmony, he is known throughout the world as “The Manliest Brony.” DustyKatt, host of Stay Brony My Friends, will be joining us in our celebration of Nightmare Moon this coming Nightmare Nights Dallas. He is known for his gracious efforts towards charities and causes for good through his “Manly Challenges,” and his interviews with VAs and staff from our favorite show. You’ll see him this October as he answers fan questions, auctions one-of-a-kind items at our Charity Auction, and makes some of our attendees consider growing facial hair.   
And finally, a scholar and gentlecolt, Foalpapers is journeying far across the sea to join us this October, to spin tales of ponies and the Classics, to educate us on the various mythological influences of My Little Pony, and to be a classy gent as well. As our Master of Ceremonies, Foal Papers will lead us in our celebration of our Dark Princess and make sure we enjoy the finer things in life.  
Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 memberships can be purchased here
We hope to see you at the Addison Crowne Plaza near the Galleria this October 24th-26th for days of fun and nights of fright. Please visit us online at, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Till Her return, bide...

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  1. Damn it, Capper. You totally missed an opportunity to make a "cum-unity" joke.