IT BEGINS: Soccer Time for 4chan

4Chan Summer Cup Group Stages Begin

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Today marks the start of the 4chan Summer Cup group stages, the overall 12th 4chan cup tournament and 4th Summer Cup in the series. Today for the first games we have Group A, /trv/, /sp/, /gd/ and /wsg/ face off to see who makes it further into the cup.

Matches for group one last from 1 to 2pm est. 

Group B begins at 2pm with /wg/ vs /ic/ and /mu/ vs /k/

Groups C begins an hour later /f/ vs /e/ and /an/ vs /b/ and so on and so Im not typing this shit out for you plebs.

The one team we are all here to see WIN is /mlp/ of course. /mlp/ kicks off the second day of the tournament tomorrow at 1pm vs /diy/.

more coverage to follow.... 

Comments (4)

  1. Too bad I'm going on vacation (No internet) for 4 weeks.
    Will only be able to see the first match if I stay up long enough.

  2. /v/ will crush the horsefuckers, like they always do.

  3. Fuck /v/. I'd rather /b/ be the one fighting the horsefuckers than a bunch of faggots from /v/

  4. Of course a horsefucker would say that.