ChuckyBB kicked from GalaCon panelists for pretending to be a DHX staff member

Will the real animator please stand up?

Artist "ChuckyBB" (now known as MistyDash due to the imminent name change) has now been removed as a panelist from GalaCon as he appears not to be a DHX staff member.

In a statement released from GalaCon, it explains that ChuckyBB has never worked for DHX and has no right to speak on behalf of them.

As explained on his DeviantArt (, he claims he is only a freelancer and that he has worked at DHX.

Despite GalaCon having contact with higher management at DHX who have confirmed this mystery fraud has not worked for them, he claims he still has and he will be taking action.

Much confusion has been left, including his $1200 bank debt despite appearing to be based in the UK and charging for his commissions in britbong money.

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  1. Not this again..

  2. Check out their DA blogposts and comments on EQD. This person obviously has mental issues and needs professional help.

  3. When this first started yesterday, I wanted to believe that he was wronged by someone else. Lately, he has been attacking and ranting about someone he won't name for attending dozens of conventions per year selling merchandise made with traced vectors.

    Now, although he wasn't naming this individual, it's fairly obvious to anyone who's been on Deviant Art for more than a day that it's Draw Ponies. After all, he goes to too many cons (, sells merch that looks traced ( and, and Chucky has been leaving comments on his works too (

    So at first, I just assumed that his crusade against Draw Ponies has backfired somehow. Though after this announcement, I'm not as sympathetic.

    He's yet to prove that he works for DHX. He also said that he found the "person" who contacted GalaCon and is consulting her (, but GalaCon's release says that they were contacted by multiple people from both DHX and Hasbro saying he's not. Multiple people from two companies sounds a bit more weighty than just one person making a mistake or misunderstanding.

    Additionally, if he wants us to believe him, he'll need to first be honest about his name. GalaCon's announcement says he goes by two different aliases (Thomas Taylor and Chuck Evelyn), which is fishy enough as is. But also, a few weeks ago he asked for donations (, and if you type his paypal email into a search on Facebook, you get a third name which claims to be an actor who works for Warner Brothers.

    1. Your obsession seems to go pretty far there, cowboy.



    3. Saw the draw ponies guy at Brony Fan Fair last year. Guy drew ponies in front of us. An Asian autistic artist arted Gilda greater. Draw Ponies can only do ponies well and not much else in the fandom. Unless he improved since last year. Maybe Chunky Baby needs to actually learn how to draw and stop being triggered from anyone that knows which end of the pencil puts graphite down on the paper.

  4. >tfw I'm going to Galacon
    >tfw my first (and prolly last) convention ever