NightFalls Studios releases new video...and what is this?

Yesterday the long-standing "OblivionFall" channel made an announcement. A cringey announcement, but one just the same. Teaming up with "EmoGak" the channel is now called "NightFalls Studios". This announcement would have gone largely unnoticed, but some groups have taken a particular interest in it.
Let's see what the hubbub is all about.

Here's the video.

Well that was definitely something. Cringey sure, but well animated. We don't see what the big deal is, it does a great job looking like the show.

Hey uhh Emo chick, you got something in your eye there.

Don't worry, we hear it's going around.

You might want to get that checked.

Comments (9)

  1. /)____- Oh god, seriously. This is just getting absurd. I mean, even EQD (EQD FOR FUCK'S SAKE) is telling people in the animation community to stop using the stolen DHX assets. But noooooo. Not even after they pointed out the whole eye bump thing.

    And people wonder why the fandom is getting worse and worse with every week? Pfft.

    1. Self entitled, self important, pricks that think they know better than everyone else and think they're special snowflakes...within a fandom? Say it ain't so! Say it ain't so!

      Smartassery aside, I will agree that the quality of the fandom has been on a decline the last couple of years. Mostly owing to the rise of fan-famous "celebrities" within the community and growing line of thought that fandom desire (see: circle jerk) trumps Hasbro.

  2. Wow, it's so... Random?
    I think I like this. Not sure.

    Oh and stealerzz

  3. To be fair, I want to cum inside Night Flash

    1. >Sticking your dick in crazy

      Enjoy the emotional baggage

    2. The crazy ones are the most fun.

  4. I remember this. That was stupid, they borrowed the eyelash from Drud14.