Did Big Apple Ponycon actually happen?

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Supposedly, a pony convention was held in New Jersey on June 6-7. Big Apple Ponycon looked to be a large and exciting event, offering music from Lady Aria Phantasy, maybe a few people selling knockoff plushies, and more music from Lady Aria Phantasy.

But now, just over a week after the supposed convention, some fans are noticing something odd: did this con actually occur?

Based on an "Official Horse News Field Report" from our East Coast Convention Correspondent Ghostly Hamburger, the Big Apple Pony Con, suspiciously held in the dubious wasteland of Jersey City, never actually happened, and some claim might have actually been an embezzlement scheme by the mayor, or a mob operation, also by the mayor. Though some experts pin the blame for the disappearance of the con on either shoddy convention coverage, or Chris Christie closing down the city to get back at brony's and subsequently eating them all, absorbing them into his very, very large belly. Below you will find the field report, full of expert hypotheses as to what happened to the convention, and legitimate facts backing up the claims.

People who'd expressed interest in BAP were turned away by its high price tag and the fact that it was in New Jersey. To this date, I cannot confirm speaking to anyone who was actually there and sober enough to remember any sort of convention going on.

There is no wrapup of any kind, or even a single picture present on Equestria Daily. This is odd, as they have been sharing every announcement before the convention and even posted Lady Aria Phantasy's music video. Despite this true devotion to the BAP, there has been no followup after the supposed convention.

Big Apple Ponycon's own website does not feature any news or photos from the convention. The only hint that the event may have actually occurred is a link to early registration for BAP 2015, with all the information supposedly ""Coming Soon!""

Some may argue that the convention truly did happen. BAP's Twitter account, after all, features many photos of the event. However, these photos could have come from any NYC bronies meetup to see Lady Aria Phantasy.

The most damning evidence of BAP's nonexistence is the fact that many possible staff members of the convention did not even attend. After the success of BAP 2013, many staffers were unceremoniously removed from the Skype chat for reasons such as ""not having anything to do right now"" or ""Kar can't remember their name"". These staff members were never officially fired, and were not sure if they were supposed to attend BAP 2014 or not. However, on realizing it was in New Jersey and having no desire to listen to the musical stylings of Lady Aria Phantasy, most of these possible staff members responded with a hearty ""fuck that"".

These staffers faced no consequences and actually saved money and sanity. There was no drama involved, and as we all know, a convention does not exist without its drama.

In conclusion, Big Apple Ponycon 2014 did not actually occur. Although it was much-anticipated, every attendee and probably most of the staff was driven away by the high ticket price and Lady Aria Phantasy's bright green eyeshadow. Without witnesses, photos, or tumblr posts about con drama, there is no evidence that any event took place. Logically, we must assume it did not.

BAP 2014 must have truly been a lonely event. Kar Red Roses sat alone in the audience of the theater, listening to Lady Aria Phantasy sing covers of pony songs, over and over, until the two of them were driven to madness.

Keep an eye out for news of Big Apple Ponycon 2015, when the name officially changes to Lady Aria Phantasycon, or LAP for short!

Comments (8)

  1. A friend of mine said he attended.

    Apparently, it was held in some sort of theater? And there was supposedly a lack of focus on an artist's alley and other stuff like that.

    I'll press him for more details. [Pyon!]

  2. > There was no drama involved, and as we all know, a convention does not exist without its drama.


  3. According to Calpain of EQD, BAP did indeed happen. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/06/big-apple-ponycon-retrospective-calpain.html

    1. But is Calpain real?

    2. He's one of PK's multiple personalities.

  4. pretty sure it didn't, i have a buddy of mine who lives in NYC and is a brony himself, he claims that it never happened.
    then again NYC is a big place so who knows.

  5. They charged $90 bucks for a admission to a two day convention. NINETY. FUCKING. DOLLARS. BronyCon costs $70 right now for pre-reg.

  6. Stephen Glass said he attended.