DHX staff in Vancouver - STILL!

Andrew Ho from BronyCAN sent us an email last night, with news about the upcoming convention. It was stereotypically polite and only had one major flaw. In the email, Andrew says "I'm sorry to say that we're a bit far from following many of the pointers you've got on 'Starting a HorseCon', but we promise we'll do our best!"
We take this to mean that attendees will NOT be given vuvuzelas upon entry. BronyCAN runs August 22-24 in Vancouver British Columbia. The announcement informs us that DHX staff will be in Vancouver this year...so no big change really.
Check out the info below.

Vancouver (or Vanhoover for the pony-inclined) is a city that’s special for its beautiful scenery, lively and diverse community, and bustling arts scene. On top of those qualities however, it is also where My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is produced at DHX Media/Vancouver by a crew of wonderfully talented directors, artists, musicians, and more! BronyCAN is very fortunate and honored to announce that we will have key staff from the show attending our convention this year, to talk about their work and share their experiences with the attendees!  

Directors Jayson Thiessen and ‘Big’ Jim Miller will be attending BronyCAN to share their stories about supervising and directing the show from its humble beginnings, while Steph Maloney (Layout Supervisor/Animator) and Christopher Leinonen (Layout/Posing Supervisor) will be around to answer questions about what it’s like to draw and animate the show! We will be gathering our honored guests from DHX to participate in a production panel to showcase the work that goes into the show like you’ve never seen or heard before!

Please don’t forget to book your rooms at the convention hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre, as we are filling up the room block very quickly! Use the promo code “BronyCAN” and you can book a room at a reduced rate, as well as free parking each night, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, and access to the airport shuttle. Book alone or with your friends/family, and you’ll be right where all the fun is!

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  1. >tfw live on the other side of Canada
    Feels bad, eh.

  2. As a Bronze Sponsor of the first BronyCAN, I can attest that the staff did a good job keeping things running smoothly. For a first time con, a lot went right that could have easily gone wrong. Here's to an even better convention this year, even if I'll only be there in spirit!

  3. Rainbow dash ain't no f****** Canadian.