BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Plushie Plausibly Pilfered by Pony Pal Mando

/mlp/-- Post TrotCon drama brings us breaking developments that a plushie has allegedly been stolen from a presumably unlocked room by a drunken anonymous vagabond.

Based on the evidence below, it appears that an anon from the board /mlp/ has stolen the plushie, made by airisplushies, in a drunken stupor. It appears that the anonymous namefig, mando, reportedly stole a plushie, though it is unconfirmed as to which plushie, as it is highly probable that multiple crimes against the plush kind were committed during the 3 day pony spree. Only one other instance of evidence, other than the confession by Mando, is available at this time. It is a post, not by "mando" though, but by anonymous, that states "horey sheit it is." Though convincing, this post could be presumably sent by anyone on the internet.

In a rousing cry for justice, anons and tumblrites alike rushed to the thread to bring the hammer of law and order down upon the alleged thief like mad dogs on a week old steak. Though in this case, the steak is but a farce based on presumptions that an anonymous post on 4chan holds any credibility towards indicting the poster with grand theft pony in the 3rd degree.

>implying that the anon "mando" did in fact steal the precious plush, he is able to return it anonymously to the owner, but she is weary after reading about mando's excrement filled escapades with her downtrodden toy.

Many users lashed out at the anon for stealing, some claiming it is wrong and unmoral to steal something in the name of 4chan, some attempting to coerce the thief to return the plush undamaged, and some other less noble anons stated that irrefutable 3 word phrase "deal with it." One even succeeded attempted to bribe a Horse News journalist with a free plushie to shine the thief in a favorable light.

Some misguided internet denizens though, jumped to conclusions over the 2 simple posts and quickly jumped ship to vilify the apparent thief in a frenzy of allegations, namecalling, and assumptions. had this to say to the alleged anonymous poster:

Dude I say return it. If someone stole your stuff, you would want it returned!

Overall the reception towards the ALLEGED ANONYMOUS thief was not kind. Rabid-foaming at the mouth, these warriors of justice pounced onto the thread, many without reply or purpose, tearing the anon to shreds with transparent false accusations. These white knights, heralding truth and justice, bring forth their own versions of the story with honor and dignity, though hollow, their assumptions remain strong. Fighting and crying over virtually nonexistent evidence of wrongdoing, they are completely misguided and utterly retarded.

*all references to mando are to the anon in question, not towards our very fine #horsefamous musician MandoPony

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  1. I am the plushie and I can confirm this.

  2. can confirm, am parking garage

  3. The original post mando made sounds a lot like someone making fun of mando pony, and then making a ruse when he saw the opportunity. Was mandopony at the con by chance?


  5. Well damn. That's a plush made by Airidesi. I actually have been interested in commissioning a plush from her. It'll be really unfortunate if it really was stolen by this douchebag trying to pass himself off as Mando. =\

  6. Booooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  7. 500 dollars down the drain, people.

  8. [Aggressively Invades the Soviet Union]

    1. [Aggressively Repels With 25+ Million Losses]