A Tumblr That Isn't Shit: Ask Golden Brisk

        Are you a fan of such phrases as: "No homo", "Traps", and "I didn't realize I was gay"? Then you're going to love the subject of this article: Golden Brisk. Now, who the hell is Golden Brisk you say, and why does he have a Tumblr? Why, let's find out.

        Let's do a short overview before I introduce the Tumblr:  Now, way back in 2013, one fine day in February, a fine anon posted this image and accompanying OP:

        Now, this being /mlp/, everyone immediately realized they were now gay for this horse, popped a boner and started drawing content for this major faux pas, rapidly spawning a new OC from the bowels of our board: Golden Brisk.

        Content creation exploded, his  personality and back story being created in short order. He became a reluctant trap pone, working under Photo Finish as a model for mare's clothing to help pay for his sister's, Titania, medicine. After a few stories involving him being tenderly butthugged, anons realized that maybe he had a love interest. And thus Silver Breeze was born:

        This pleased a huge number of anons, and Goldie and Silver joined the ranks of /mlp/'s OCs, their adorably spaghetti filled adventures spreading across several threads. Their on/off relationship and inability to have commons sense led to to many amazing stories, and further content creation, including Goldie's parents, and the first drawings of his little sister:

        At this point, the threads were flagging and anons were losing interest, and only got so far as all of Goldie's family being insanely strong, except for him, or was he? But die they did, popping up ocassionally every now and again on /mlp/, merely a shell of their former self, and a long, but dead life on /anon/.

        After a long silence, one of the drawfags from the earlier threads decided to make a Tumblr, asking a few anons in a thread if they would have a problem with it, and none did, and so, Ask Golden Brisk was born.

        And here we are, with a wonderful little Tumblr starring our favorite reluctant trap pone and his reverse-trap crush. The artist is updating slowly, but he deserves your love. His art style is adorable, and Goldie deserves love, as he's one of the most underrated /mlp/ OCs and well deserving of some TLC.

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  1. finally some love for best trap pony

  2. As the guy who drew the first Golden Brisk pic, this is getting my full endorsement.

  3. Surprise! It's shit.