"Staff of Pony Convention Do Not Get Along" + Obsidian Winter Update

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Picture stolen lovingly from Petirep.
Exclusive transcripts of a convention staff chat have shown that shockingly, convention staffers are not all best friends forever. Some of them are not even friends at all. Internal conflicts make up 90% of the chat, while the other 10% is unimportant questions such as "when is the con", "what's my job again", and "have we made any money like, at all?"

While from an outside perspective, it may seem that being on the staff of a pony convention is a dream come true, this inside look shows that is not the case. Accusations of incompetency fly freely. Staffers are said to be barely-literate idiots, and the very little work they have done shows that this might be true. Even more devastating, it is clear that even though Tara Strong has agreed to show up to the convention, not every single person on staff gets to hang out with her.

 While I cannot share the names of the convention, the staffers, or any identifying information to prove I'm not just making this shit up, I can share some tidbits of these transcripts. Please be warned that these may shock you as they prove conventions built on love and tolerance
share neither.

[13:06] xxx: will you just shut up and do your job already?
[13:07] xxx: what's my job again?

[18:39] xxx: dickbutt

[03:17] xxx: Can we just fire [redacted]?
[03:18] xxx: Sadly, no
[03:19] xxx: ...did you forget i'm in this chat?

[23:12] xxx: im drunk
[23:13] xxx: me too
[23:13] xxx: i wish i wass drunk

[00:34] xxx: rarity is my waifu
[00:35] xxx: no u
[00:36] xxx: Hey, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], can one of you give me an update on [redacted]? We have to get that done in
[00:36] xxx: 11 hours now
[00:37] xxx: NO U

[14:02] xxx: so, con is [redacted] days away now
[14:03] xxx: FUCK

[16:57] xxx: [redacted]. Get your shit together. You're literally the most incompetent person on staff. I don't even know why you're still here.
[16:58] xxx: no u
[16:58] xxx: shut up [redacted]!
 When asked to comment on these transcripts, one staff member reportedly said, "Wait, you're sending this to Horse News? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Strangely, these transcripts made no mention of any of the current fandom drama that's unfolding on Twitter and Tumblr. It's almost as if con staffers pull their shit together and have their priorities straight when the day of the convention arrives.

As brutal a look into the inner workings of a con as this is, it is important for all would-be convention creators to understand that cons, unlike friendships, are not magic. And for god's sake, please stop starting all these fucking cons. Just drive the extra hour to get to the nearest con someone else started, because they're fucking everywhere now.

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Editors notes:

Many of our readers may remember Obsidian Winter as being the person who was recently removed from the BABScon staff, and was admitted to a hospital, reportedly due to concerns of self-harm. Obsidian has since returned from the hospital, and has begun publishing a Tumblr series, telling the story of BABScon from her point of view. We have received no less than 4 emails about this, and believe it may be part of the "tumblr drama" that was referred to in the above-submitted article.

Obsidian summarizes the posts as such:

"And thats how BABSCon was made" is a 5 part mini series, discussing all the behind the scenes meetings. Explaining why the Vendors department was actually under the Business department because Rebecca (Pixel Coder) couldn’t be trust to keep her composure under pressure and lead her department herself and needed supervision. Its how we avoided ruin and how me bringing in such talents as Weareborg and Choco pony, literally made the con what it was. I hope you enjoy it. Lord knows the truth need to be spoken."
You can watch it unfold here: http://obsidian-winter.tumblr.com/

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  1. Sounds like Big Apple Ponycon is coming along just fine! 10 days to go. Good luck, have fun...I'll be in the corner drunk.

  2. The ponies on that first picture are actual people's OCs or just random designs?
    They kinda look oddly familiar, but not that I could name any of these...

    1. The one getting his head dunked is the Bronycon OC.
      The one in the straightjacket is /mlp/'s OC "Tracy Cage"

  3. It astounds me to think that anyone in their right mind would hire such an infamous person such as Obsidian. After SAA and Bronycon, it should have been quite obvious that she should not hold any position where she is a decision maker. I hope that after this PR stink, no one touches her with a 10 foot pole. Good god. Plug the bitch.

  4. I wonder what's going through Obsidian's head? "My car has been reposesed, my family are being evicted as we don't paid rent, and my work comp's has been cut from working babscon. I know i'll piss over everyone i've worked with in the brony con scene and proclaim how wonderful an beautiful person i am! That'll make everything better"

    Priorities people. Priorities.

  5. Ugh- this is hard to read; all the punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors... One would hope that when trying to rehabilitate after suspected character assassination, that one would know the difference between "was" and "were." Pathetic troglodyte.

  6. I've worked at [redacted] more than once. I'll tell you this. The incompetency of people is beyond me. I've left a person in one of the areas to make sure that the chairs etc were set out ready for the next event in about 30 minutes. I return later about 5 min till event starts, the guy I left had wandered off and the guy hosting the event is desperately trying to rearrange a room by himself with no help.

    Another time, I've seen a gopher try to stop a con head from entering backstage at their own con.

    The only reason I still work for a con is because I'm one of the few people that can actually does their job well enough that the con can actually happen.

  7. I don't care if they're all morons pulled off the street, or if one of them murders the others in a men's stall a few hours after the con ends. Regardless of how at-each-others-throats they are, so long as they have the sense to act professional publicly and put on a good con, it doesn't matter.

    unfortunately it seems many of them are not capable or willing of being even slightly professional. Or doing anything more than furthering their own popularity and success for that matter.

  8. I know this from our convention
    its the same thing
    there is always someone who doesn't know their job or don't know anything and that is really sad
    sometimes you think you are the only person who wants to make it happen or is interested in actual brony news
    "have you heard that *insert random event here* is leaving the fandom/is happening?"
    "who cares?"
    "maybe because we wanted to work with them?/you know that means we can't do *insert random event* then?"
    and it is happening all the time ...

  9. As someone working, and have worked for, several cons, I can vouch that some cons have this kind of environment and others don't. Those that don't have a considerable age and experience advantage over the others, from my perspective. It's all about starting the ride with a group of people you know and work well with as the core of the convention, and then expand from there. Too many of these upstart conventions are thrown together way too fast, with random people and with little to no experience with how to actually pull it off.

    We don't need 40+ conventions every damn year. (Actually, I do enjoy the lukewarm pasta coming out of some of them)


    1. You're right. Sure, lets have a few cons per continent (2-3) and people can travel to them. The rest are nothing more than a large meet-up. Sure, they need to get a large enough place to hold all that spaghetti leaking for the the day or two, so they need to charge a fee. Problem is, they all want people that work on the show to go.

      Shock horror! They have to pay for these people to attend. They have to cover travel, accomodation and whatever fee their agents charge. Suddenly, they need thousands of people to attend to break even and we've got another shitty con trying to do something it can't.

  10. I really hope this is not Big Apple Ponycon they're talking about. I'm surprised it made it to a second year, only this time it's in Jersey City which almost no hotels to speak of.