New clip for finale from Entertainment Weekly

Of course they would.
More spoiler clips from Entertainment weekly. Check it out below.
(Clip up)

From the article:
Good news for kids and Bronys alike: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has been renewed for a fifth season. Everybody clap your hooves!
Celebrate the good news by watching this exclusive clip from MLP‘s two-part fourth season finale, which finds Twilight Sparkle determined to prove her royal mettle. Here’s the official description:
“Princess Twilight Sparkle continues to struggle with her identity as a princess and her role as the newest member of Equestrian royalty. When Princess Celestia has a premonition about a mysterious evil foe from the past and turns to an unlikely source for help, Twilight Sparkle feels extra pressure to prove her worth.“In hopes that it will provide some insight as to the kind of princess she is meant to be, Twilight Sparkle focuses her attention on opening the chest that was given to her by the Tree of Harmony. Secrets are revealed and mysteries are unraveled as all of Equestria joins forces to stop this new threat.”

In the meantime have this clip from yesterday

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  1. Tomorrow is the day! Must not watch any more spoilers! :O
    (maybe a little)

  2. Still cautiously optimistic that Discord's betrayal will make sense for his character and not be stupid. Discord's reformation is actually one of my favourite parts of Meghan's run on the series, and I really hope he's handled well in the finale.

    1. I think Discord's attitude towards 'alliances' is a "always on the winning side" one; that or he goes with whoever impresses him the most. Or in this case with Tirek - if the previously posted summary of the finale is anything to go by - how easily persuaded he is.

      Whatever the case, we'll probably get something good.

    2. I like to think that they're makin' a Jack Sparrow kind of character out of him. Bein' a general dick, takin' highly unethical actions, changes his allegiance on every step, but in the end he ends up on the "Good Guy's" side as if it "was his plan all along".

      Unless I'm all wrong because that shitfaced article that I didn't read spoiled all of it already.
      Well then, too bad, I really hoped that Discord, while still bein' a dick, would never be an actual villain ever again.