Hasbro gets confused, plans Valentines Parody event for Memorial Day weekend

As per usual, Hasbro has made a promotional event that has many either greatly excited or deeply confused. This Friday, they will be celebrating the "Villains" of the Hub with a marathon of shows highlighting supposedly bad behavior. They are dubbing the event "Villaintines Day", an obvious play on the holiday "Valentines Day" that takes place in February. Instead of February however, they have chosen to have this event...on Memorial Day weekend in the United States.

Why the company chose to hold an event to celebrate evil and villainous behavior, on a weekend during which citizens are supposed to take time to remember those who have sacrificed themselves to protect us from those forces, is baffling to say the least.

Reminding everyone that a Disney movie is coming out and that eventually that company will own everything, (as well as the fact that Disney ran out of ideas long ago) the Hub released a promotional video parodying the trailer of the movie "Maleficent" starring Tomb Raider set to release next weekend, inspiring hopes of parents everywhere that maybe their children will shut the fuck up with all the goddamned "Frozen" songs.

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