GBG drops some info for August Convention

So, it's hiatus everyone. What is there to talk about? Well for most media sites, 2 things; jack and shit. For the next....7..8...something months, HN will be covering drama, 4chan, bullshit, and best of all; conventions.
This month, we have Midwest Brony Fest in Kansas City, and next month, (now that Crystal Mountain has rescheduled for the August clusterfuck deluge of conventions, the ONLY pony conventions in June are Trotcon and Big Apple Pony Con.

There's some other stuff later on, but August...well August is going to be interesting.
Bronycon, Galacon, BronyCAN, and AtlantiQuestria to name a few...but also Grand Brony Gala 2.0 in Tampa Florida.

We hear that Tampa has a theme park centered around a brewery. So naturally this is relevant to our interests.

They sent us a press release today. And we fucking love press releases. You can look at it below.

For Immediate Release:
TAMPA, FLORIDA: A new fandom has been generating a lot of press recently, for the unusual fans to a surprisingly good cartoon. You would expect most little girls to know about, and many women may also fondly recall, My Little Pony (MLP), however the newest incarnation has attracted a fandom of individuals referred to as Bronies and Pegasisters. Who are these individuals? They are commonly teen and twenty-something fans of the Hasbro cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Also, surprisingly, this fandom has been popping up all over the country, and even around the world, and while there have been many Brony Conventions around the country, the only one in the South East, is Tampa’s own Grand Brony Gala.
The Grand Brony Gala is returning for their second year. This year it is moving to a larger venue and has grown from a one-day convention to a three-day convention, for fans of all ages, of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Grand Brony Gala-2 will be held in Tampa at the Embassy Suites USF/Busch Gardens location. The Embassy Suites is offering discounted hotel rooms starting at only $129 a night for up to 6 people. To reserve a hotel room, use this link:
The Grand Brony Gala has invited several special guests including, the Voice Actress from the show who plays Spike, and Mayor Mare: Cathy Weseluck, the Voice Actress of Apple Bloom: Michelle Creber, and the My Little Pony Children’s Chapter Book Series Author: GM Berrow who will be autographing books. A VIP ticket will admit you to a VIP reception on Saturday evening where you can meet and greet the Guests, have a photo taken and Autographs signed (for no additional fee). 
The day portions of the event will consist of tons panels, live stage shows, a game room, costume contest and more. For example, representatives of the My Little Investigations development team are hosting a live demo and Q&A panel; Whammy Games will be hosting game-show style competitions, such as Jeopardy. Also, there will be karaoke, crafting panels, voice acting panels, and more. Along with panels, there will also be a small carnival area included in your day ticket for both Bronies and kids, with classic carnival games with small prizes for the winners. A renowned Balloon Artist will be creating a life-sized balloon sculpture live during the convention for the Saturday evening Grand Galloping Gala. 
Dozens of local, and not-so-local artists and vendors will be in attendance with nearly every kind of pony art you can find online, free of shipping charges: plushies, badges, prints, perler ponies, shadow boxes, cosplay accessories, jewelry, custom blind bags, toys, and more. There still are a few artist and vendor spots open at $60 and $150 each, so if you’re interested in selling at the convention you can reserve a table or booth here There is also the opportunity for sponsorships and advertising in the convention guide. Spots are
starting at $75. Find out how to become a sponsor here:
But the fun doesn’t stop there. Friday night there is a dance, live band and a Rave. On Saturday there is the formal Grand Galloping Gala with a Live Mystery Theatre and Dance from 8 pm to midnight with refreshments being served. Saturday night will also include a live concert by Black Gryph0n and Michelle Creber at 7pm. (These can be purchased as separate tickets, or for a discount, in combination with the Weekend Pass.) You may purchase tickets here:
If you decide to stay an extra day or more, you could go to the beach, (such as world famous Clearwater Beach), visit one of the many theme parks, (like Busch Gardens, or Disney’s Magic Kingdom), visit Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) or the Florida Aquarium and take their dolphin boat tour.
Saving the best for last, a portion of all the ticket sales, drawings and artist auction, is going towards All Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Miracle Network. They’re a great charity that is totally focused on pediatric childcare and research. The Grand Brony Gala is a non-profit convention. If you would like to donate directly towards All Children’s Hospital, you can donate here 
Have any questions? Feel free to email the admins at:
Or call 813-431-8795
Thank you for Reading!
- GGBG Staff
Location: Tampa, FL.
- Hotel: Embassy Suites (USF/Busch Gardens location)
- Hotel Con Rate: $129 a night
- Charities: All Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Miracle Network
- SPECIAL GUESTS: Voice Actress for “Spike”: Cathy Weseluck, Voice Actress for “Apple Bloom” Michelle Creber, the MLP Children’s Books Series and Chapter Books Author: GM Berrow, and singer/songwriter Black Gryph0n.
- Artist and Vendor spaces are still open
- Focus: Family friendly fun for both bronies and kids alike.
- Ticket Prices subject to change:
Price Service Fee
WEEKEND DAY PASS $55.00 $2.10
FRIDAY DAY PASS $35.00 $1.70
SATURDAY DAY PASS $35.00 $1.70
SUNDAY PASS $25.00 $1.50
** THE VIP PASS ** $185.00 $4.70
*VIP Pass includes VIP reception, autograph and photo op with our Guests.
- Volunteers: Hours qualify for BRIGHT FUTURES Scholarship Hours.
- Panels: We have a My Little Investigations panel and more!
- Carnival Games for Kids: Classic carnival games for both kids and adults, and there will be small prizes available for kids.
- Sponsors: Corporate or not, we love sponsors. Sponsorships start at only $75.
- Donations: Accepting Square or paypal donations!

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  1. Face it: you're only posting this so quickly because Ren Haru works there.

  2. The Busch Gardens brewery is closed. Though there is Cigar City Brewery, and plenty of other spots like Ybor City, to go get hammertimed, if you can find a ride. Be warned: The convention area is a mixture of strip mall and industrial, so there's fuck all to do around the con hotel. if you want to have fun, ask a local.

    1. Or bring Purple Tinker along to provide personal cocksucking services.

    2. You can seriously get hammered in Ybor City from what I've heard.

    3. Dude, hammered is an understatement. You can blackout, get your shoes licked by a stranger, enjoy a BDSM/Industrial club, see someone get shanked, get tattooed, cause a fight, enjoy a good punk rock show. It's wholesome family entertainment.

  3. Knowing I'll probably catch shit for even bringing this up, but is anyone covering MLPMSP? You know, "for science?"

    1. That con doesn't exist until it fails.