European McDonalds Nightmare Meals video surfaces

You're my favorite deputy

Early today, Horse-News was sent a video that can only be described as "Pants-Shitting Horrifying".
It is apparently from 2012, and in Dutch, but we sure as hell have never seen it. It features those "Rapist Woody" Happy Meal Boxes, one  as Twilight Sparkle.

We have only recently been exposed to these nightmares in the United States, but it appears that Europe has been living with them for quite some time.

The fact that the described with all the Pokemon elements and none of the pony elements is likely why this never received much awareness on this side of the pond.

Seriously though.

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  1. Leaving this here:

    Kids Creeped Out By New McDonald's Mascot:

  2. We Europeans didn't make a fuzz about this mascot like you US guys did.
    I take this one over the pedophile clown.
    But I admit that the boxes are creepy.

    1. You Europeans think EVERYBODY is a pedophile. Even a parent, just for taking pictures of his own boys at a playground doing what children do.

      Eurotrash, please go.

    2. Sorry, anything having to do with our precious poison/fast food is a very big deal for us.
      Luckily for my friends and I, we're in college, so even if we wanted to, we can't afford to eat as lavishly as others in Mickie D's