Dan VS continues to wrestle with ponies in Purgatory

The Dan VS Facebook page (the only source for new Dan VS content we have left) posted another pony-related photo today, from an ongoing set of live-action images that depict Dan as being trapped in some sort of urban purgatory from which he cannot escape.
Earlier this week, the owner of the page (portrayed to be Dan himself), posted another image of some urban ruins riddled with graffiti.

This is a sudden stark contrast to the typical posts that come from the page, often detailing the inner thoughts of Dan about current events, or the very few bits of incoming information coming about the future of the show (which was nominated for 2 Daytime Emmys this year).

The Dan VS Facebook page has commented about My Little Pony and Bronies many times in the past, often in jest regarding them as often being the source of Dan's frustrations.

Fans of the show were heartbroken upon receiving word that Dan VS had been cancelled, from the voice of Dan himself Curtis Armstrong. Its cancellation would mark an end of an era, not just in the history of the Hub, but also in the Pony fandom, as Dan VS was one of only a very few shows launched along side (and involved with) Friendship is Magic.

The Dan VS Facebook page continues to encourage people to hold out hope for Dan's return, having previously stated that Curtis' post about the show's cancellation weren't true, but that they could not comment on the situation any further. With the sudden noticeable shift in tone, is the page trying to tell us something? Is the Urban purgatory some sort of cryptic metaphor? Are the ruins with poetic graffiti an omen?
Is there a future for Dan?
It is difficult to say.
Yesterday, Dan posted in regards to his "audition for a commercial"...and also the fact he may be "crazy and homeless".

SOMETHING is happening in Dan's world, hopefully it is good news.

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  1. I never crowd-funded anything but I would throw all my money at a project that guaranteed continuing Dan Vs. I like Dan Vs so much that I'd say that I wouldn't do the same for MLP.

  2. Andrea Libman said she wanted to be on Dan Vs. We need a Dan Vs. Pinkie pie episode dammit!

  3. Why would the cancel a good show like Dan vs then give us Equestria Gir- Oh wait, toys

  4. God is telling you a message... bring the show back

  5. >tfw even the Dan facebook handler insult Capper for his poor writing skills.

  6. i miss dan...