Artist Spotlight:Pokehidden

The Brony fandom is not short on autists artists. Be it people who draw cute ponies doing cute things, cute ponies going on cute adventures, or cute ponies cutely fucking each others cute little brains out. Today we focus on one artist who many of you know of. You've played his game, you've called him a faggot, you've jerked off to his artwork. Ladies and Gentleman Neckbeards, I give you: Pokehidden.

We kidnapped flew Pokehidden out here to Horse News headquarters where we tied sat him down for a exclusive interview which you can find below.

HN: Hasbro has been taking down more fanworks these days, do you fear that Hasbro will send you a C&D for your game?
PH: For some strange reason Hasbro never contacted me, so I figured they don't even want to acknowledge my game. Either way it doesn't really affect much, But I do fear a C&D a little bit.

HN: Your Tumblr was nuked months back, what was the reason?
PH: According to the email I got: "we do not allow depiction's of inappropriate content involving minors".

muh job
HN: Do you have any plans to start a new Tumblr or will you be sticking to your website?
PH: The site is fun, but eventually maybe I'll make a Tumblr again because I liked the dashboard a lot. I won't abandon the site though.

HN: What are some of the tools that you use for your drawings and animations?
PH: For drawing I use paint tool sai, and for animations I use flash, toonboom, and animanatee, which is a ds rom.

HN: Are there scenes or characters you wanted to put in Banned From Equestria that never made it in?
PH: Originally the game was supposed to have an option to play as either male or female, I dropped the female part since the project was too big already, and I'm not exactly the type that deals well with big projects hahahah. There was a secret pinkie pie scene where she has sex with you after helping doing some cake. There was also a bonus Rainbow Dash scene that you would get by giving her a daring do book. You could read this book like you read a book in skyrim, and there would be a clop fanfiction in it. Also, there was a plan for a story arc that'd link all the characters together but it was dropped because it wouldn't fit well with the free exploring I wanted for the game.

HN: Would you say your art has improved over time?
PH: It got better a little bit, but I'm still completely amateur lmao.

You're in the club and this guy walks up and slaps your marefriends ass. What do you do?

HN: Are there any artists in the fandom that you are a fan of?
PH: Fffffffff that's difficult to say, there are too many. Atryl and Kevinsano have a TON of skill. Wingbonermaker and Clopper-Dude have amazing style. Dotkwa, Skipsy, Infinityplus1, Saurian, Haiku Oezu, Florecentmoo, there's too many artists I like.

HN: What animation or drawing are you most proud of?
PH: I'm not really proud of anything I've done, my work has too many flaws and by the time I learn how to fix these flaws. I'll already find more flaws and this will keep going forever.

HN: If someone was interested in a commission how could they reach you and how much would one cost?
PH: Usually pics are 15 usd, people that commission me usually reach me via email, though I also reply on furaffinity and inkbunny.

HN: When is the next update for "Banned From Equestria" going to be out?
PH: ..........urgh like I usually say, it is still being made and I have no idea when it will be released. I'm out of excuses by now so blame my own laziness,I still need to finish Luna and Derpy.

As I was about to ask if he could make a flash featuring Faget Faggotson and Cappers OC, he kicked me in the dishpan (hoo hoo hoo) and fled.

You can check out Pokehiddens art at his website (NSFW) and if you wish to get a commission made, you can send him a email ( We would like to thank Mr.Hidden for taking time out of his day for this interview and for dropping the charges.

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  1. i see what you did there c:

    1. since some BRs still glorify Pokehidden, i will translate this to PT-BR and post somewhere else were his BR fans usually go.

  2. So, did you ask him if he continued to watch the show, or did you at least try to push him to?

    I mean, he left after the Fightan is magic, but even if most of S3 was shit, I'm sure he'd appreciate S4...

    1. I'm saying this, of course, to push him back into BFEQD.

      Why lazy BR. WHY?