Pony Postponed for Pet Shop - what to do in the meantime

Hold the fucking presses everyone, did you know that the Pet Shop Boys are kicking the Pony Bros out of their timeslot this week?
You did?
Oh, well that's fine and all, but have you figured out what you're going to DO instead of watching ponies?
Didn't think so.
Don't worry horse-junkie, we know you need your fix so we've come up with suggestions of productive things to do to distract you from your equine deficiency.

Yeah that's right folks, the Littlest Pet Shop season 2 finale is bumping your ponies out of their time-slot this weekend. The next episode won't air until BABScon.
This of course means the inevitable darkness that is Season 4 hiatus will be upon us shortly.

You will get your first taste of hiatus on Saturday.
50 Suggestions of what to do in the meantime:

1 - Catch up on all the episodes you neglected
2 - Bathe
3 - Shave
4 - Bathe again
5 - Masturbate
6 - Go outside
7 - Talk to the opposite sex
8 - Masturbate again
9 - Shitpost on 4chan, and ask /mlp/ if the episode was any good
10 - Complain on twitter directly to the show staff
11 - Buy another half dozen happy meals for the toys
12 - Study for your finals like you should be right now, yes I'm talking to you Mike
13 - Get some exercise Eat the happy meals
14 - Get drunk
15 - Get a job
16 - Set out on a quest to find others who share your enthusiasm for pastel horses
17 - Bathe
18 - Read a book
19 - Read a book
20 - Read a God Damn Book
21 - Do your laundry
22 - Pay your taxes
23 - Watch Citizen Kane like you've been saying you were going to
24 - Write a fanfic
25 - Print the fanfic
26 - Re-read the fanfic
27 - Burn the fanfic
28 - Donate to charity
29 - Call your grandmother, ask her about her day
30 - Burn Something
31 - Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter write a shitty article for horse-news
32 - Call OP a faggot
33 - Put out the fire you started
34 - Bathe
35 - Go fishing
36 - Go fisting
37 - Punch a toddler
38 - Take your dog for a walk
39 - Spay or neuter your pets
40 - Do your homework
41 - Buy PonyToast another hundred-dollar horse-dildo, mail it to him
42 - Learn to ballroom dance
43 - Learn to twerk
44 - Go to a school dance / nightclub
45 - Attempt both of these dances on unwitting partners
46 - get laid Buy a hooker buy a plushie make a tulpa
47 - Contemplate the meaning of life
48 - Contemplate what you want for dinner
49 - Ban MLPcritic from the HN chat again
50 - Lay in bed and watch the Littlest Pet Shop finale. Miss Dan vs. Cry.

Comments (7)

  1. I replaced everything with "miss Dan VS". Best show.

  2. 8/10; post mad me chuckle. Good job, guys.

  3. I can try roughly half of this list. Tempted to record it all.

  4. If I just punch 50 different toddlers can I call my list complete? I could try to knock that out in about 5 minutes.

  5. Watching Citizen Kane sounds like a good use of my time. I've had a link to that movie on Putlocker bookmarked for ages.