Hub Announces My Biggest Pony Series and Dragonfire Anime spinoff Hub today just released a trailer for a new spinoff series involving giant ponies. Many fans could only respond with a simple "wut."

Along with the announcement of super star Avril Lavine's involvement in the show, it is no wonder that Hasbro is looking to /mlp/ for ideas for the show. 

Click the image to the left to view this groundbreaking reveal

It is only common sense now that Hasbro will follow this trend to the end, with speculation of an up and coming spinoff series about green men roaming equestria fucking horses, a mini series involving ponies asses, a series in spanish, a series where all of the mane 6 have schizophrenia, and finally a series involving nothing but Scruffy cleaning the floor of Planet Express.

Coming soon to a Hub near you

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  1. still better than Equestria Girls

    1. Now i'm thinking about the Iron Giant but with ponies.