Teaser pics released, HUB twitter #rekt in process

Tonight the Hub Twitter did their usual thing of begging for retweets in exchange for frames from Saturday's episode. The number required to get the subsequent image was 400. Typically, this process is rather quick and the image is released without much delay. Tonight however the Hub got impatient and released the spoiler before hitting their quota.
In fact at time of publishing, the first image STILL hasn't reached 400 retweets. But the subsequent image served to relieve what many had feared from looking at the first image, which appears to be an ALICORN FLUTTERSHY.

All around the internet, the finger was on the button to harbinger the end times. But that all went away (for now) when the Hub jumped the gun and posted this:

Ohhh....right. The whole...plot of the episode...thing. Crisis averted...for now.
The real winner of the evening however was Strumpetchan, who called Hasbro out on their shit, mere moments into the promotion. She echoes a sentiment that many share: "Quit spoiling the entire plot of the episode before it's even aired." It's a short ride to the shitlist for many episodes that way.

Sometimes its almost as bad as posting a review before a season premier even airs.

Comments (2)

  1. >Luna and Sweetie Belle episode
    >OMG, this is gonna be...
    >Written by Dave Polsky
    >God damn it.

    I know his episodes tend to suck but should I still have hope that he won't ruin a Luna episode?

  2. >It's a short ride to the shitlist for many episodes that way.
    Some find the more recent episodes predictable enough now to guess where it is going. So whatever goes on one's shitlist relies more on execution of the plot (hue hue) rather than any twists from the narrative.