Rage-Belle Reloaded

Less than 2 months ago, Sweetie Belle voice actress Claire Corlett was given permission to maintain a Twitter account, by her father  Goku Ian. She has also been maintaining an  Ask.fm account in addition to her twitter as well as an Official Youtube Account. Her online activity has been entertaining to say the very least, and not always just because of what she does, but often what comes after.

Introducing "Ask Fury Belle" the latest high-impact-Sweetie Belle-violence tumblr.

Fury-Belle was inspired by the young voice actress's responses to a pair of rather innocuous questions and comments on her ask.fm page, one regarding her update frequency, the other an affirmation of solidarity.

Claire DID publicly apologize for the outburst and was largely forgiven, - because hey, shit happens - but that didn't prevent the internet from using the new-found attitude to have a little fun.

In "Ask Fury Belle" aka "The Raging Red Tide", Sweetie Belle is a hair-triggered, hormonal, violent social-justice-warrior, with a penchant for blood. It has been updating frequently in the week it has existed, with the latest updates featuring her interactions with her fellow crusaders...which doesn't seem to go well for anyone.

If you're into gritty stylized cartoons like Superjail, you may want to give this a look. Move-over SweetieBot there's a new headcanon in town, and she will fuck you up.

The real Claire however seems much more likable, especially with her recent Youtube discoveries....

ClaireCoaCoaNutz, or at least someone using her Youtube account, has been searching for some very interesting topics. Some of which are typical for a teenage-girl; dating, how to make a pony tail, kittens, Justin Bieber getting arrested, nothing really out of the ordinary, except for two things. And dammit we are proud of her.
Filed under "Too stupid to make up"
As to why the young voice actress is watching these videos, or how she stumbled upon them is unclear, but we do know that she likes what she sees. And what's not to like really? We're certainly in no position to judge. Though it is unknown how long ago these "likes" were made, it didn't take long after noticing for ANOTHER whole-new headcanon to emerge, in which Sweetie Belle is enamored with goats and other animals.
Yes, fan art has already been made.

These developments could entirely be the result of anything from a friend using her account, being briefly hacked, finding the videos funny after having been sent them, or even just a trolling attempt to see if folks like us notice. Maybe it was biology homework gone awry - we all know how it only takes a few "suggested" links to get from Spongebob cartoon clips to Hitler speeches. But who cares really?

Nonetheless we at Horse-News couldn't be more proud of her. Many anons share the sentiment that she could be becoming one of us right before our eyes.

This is that video
We can only hope Claire just keeps on doing what she's doing. Her online activity may quickly become one of the more interesting parts of the day-to-day community activities. Her Ask.fm, as that anon discovered, is updated about once a week, and occasionally has a few gems, definitely worth checking out. The best part often isn't her responses as much as the questions themselves.

Like a young jedi without guidance, once you start down the dark path there is no going back, and we on the Dark Side will welcome our young friend with open arms. Let the hate flow through you Claire, embrace your true destiny.

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  1. I wipe a single tear from my eye. One of the VA's doesn't just tolerate us. She may be on the same dark path we now walk. A great day for mankind. I for one welcome our future horsefucker with open arms.

  2. >free healthcare

    because other people paying for it makes it free for everyone!

  3. My screenshot indirectly made Horse-News! Yay!

  4. Maybe Claire's brother Phillip has something to do with those videos.