Friday Preview Clips: Entertainment Weekly, Facebook, #bronies

It's Friday again, which means 3 things; imminent crippling binge-drinking, profound laziness on behalf of the entire Horse-News staff, and this weeks episode clip releases. Let's see if it's worth waking up early tomorrow or not! First up we have Entertainment Weekly, let's see if TV Guide gets off their asses this week too.

Editor's note: THIS PREVIEW IS METAL AS FUCK - also we love the Fireswamps reference from the Princess Bride

From the description:
Is Apple Bloom really grown up enough to take care of the farm all by herself? She certainly thinks so — and that’s exactly what she does when Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Applejack all have to leave Ponyville for the day. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events makes Apple Bloom even more eager to prove how grown up she is — which is how the poor pony find herself in a scary swamp all alone, with only a delivery cart to keep her company. Well, unless you count the beastie that’s lurking just out of sight…
Also there are swamps actually on the map.

Then of course we have the MLP Facebook Page post from yesterday, showing Scootaloo coming out of the closet, and Sweetie Belle hiding in Applebloom's bed.

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