Fight for your Writes - Larson VS Haber RAW Throwdown

It's the stuff that legends are made of. The matchup of the decade is about to go down. 2 titans, Based Haber the challenger, taking on the magical mystery man himself; Mitch "Coronate-A-Bitch" Larson. The challenge was announced this afternoon following some ice-cold smack-talk coming from the Haber camp.
Horse-News is taking all bets, let's take a look at the matchup.

It started simple enough, an egg-head on twitter telling the fabled "Based" Haber that he had "succeeded where M.A. Larson had failed"; by making a "great Applejack episode". Haber, the king of the haters, seized the opportunity to tell Larson to #suckit - TWICE. When no response came from Larson, who was too busy giving no fucks, Haber submitted the official challenge to settle it "at BABScon".

Following a twitter barrage, Larson finally responded with his own brand of text-based-bitchslap. Haber confirmed via tweet-favorite that "it's on".

Fight promoters were quick to jump on-board with preparations, and submitting statements to the press about their champions. Larson's manager had this to say;

"There's just no simple ways for this to end, 2 writers enter, 1 writer leaves, and it's going to be my man Mitch who's on top. It's going to be a magic duel, you'll think it's the swarm of the century when you see how fast my man can dish it out."

Haber's manager responded in-kind;

"You would need to make some real leap of faith to think my man is going down. It's about time that somebody that somebody Mitch down a peg. Josh will knock him down so hard that he'll need some sort of magical mystery cure to get back up. Better pack some redbull Larson, you're going to need wings if you want to move faster than Haber".

To which Larson personally responded; "yeah, well fuck you!".

The exchange was positively electrifying, leading up to the official weigh in.
Mitch "Coronate A Bitch" Larson weighed in at 200 FSPs (Fluttershy Plushies)
Josh "Passion of the Fight" Haber weighed in at 190 FSPs.

Meghan McCarthy and Big Jim Miller will be providing on-hand live commentary during the MLA-format throwdown.

The 2014 RAW (Reading And Writing) SMACKDOWN is scheduled for April 19th in San Francisco. Heading into the pre-fight, odds are 4 to 1 in Larson's favor, based on the number of episodes each has written. Tickets will be available from shady-looking scalpers in the parkinglot before the fight.

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  1. What good AJ episode? I must have missed it. The only episode good for AJ was Simple Ways because it made everyone else retarded.

  2. >Mitch "Coronate A Bitch" Larson
    my fucking sides