Double Rainboom Plagues Local Television Channel

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 Residents of Savannah, Georgia were recently introduced to the world of bad pony animations via their local SGTV channel, which apparently made the decision to air Double Rainboom in an attempt to "bring the coastal Georgia community together" by showcasing various assorted crap that Georgians made. We're pretty sure this is illegal since they're making money off advertisements and whatnot, but eh: there's always the chance that it'll inspire the general populace to rise up and torch Zachary Rich before he is given the opportunity to make any of his other ideas a reality.

 What's that, Little Jimmy likes sources to accompany his stories? This one is brought to you by Zachary Rich's ugly website, which is currently trying to push some crappy cartoon about bullied black children by DRB's assistant director.

Double Rainboom is currently being broadcast on local Savannah television as part of the Savannah Georgia Television (SGTV) Engage Program. This new program, created and realized by Jody Jenkins, is bringing the costal Georgia community together by giving its members the ability to tell their story.
Just keeping this here as well in case Richieboi tries hiding his stuff.

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  1. But Savannah is in Africa and Georgia is in Europe...

    1. I wanted to say, that Georgia is in Asia, but I found out, that there's 6 different versions of Europe-Asia border in that area, some on the other side of Georgia than the others... who knew

    2. it's savannah georgia, usa you dumb shit

    3. ^ And here we have the result of too much publicity with the masses. RIP in Peace Horse News, A victim of your own popularity ;_;

  2. They still use DHX assets, oops, that's some really legally rapable situation.