A Feather in The Wind Farewell to FeatherArtPony

Earlier today an artist and musician by the name of FeatherArtPony made a very important announcement that she will be leaving the fandom for a undecided amout of time so she can attend to something many non-faggots refer to as a “life”.
    For those of you who may not know this FeatherArtPony she is popular for her musical work, art (SFW sorry guys), and a shit ton of accounts. FeatherArtPony regretfully announced her decision to leave the fandom in a Youtube announcement (new can also be found on her Twitter) where she claimed she will be deleting all of her accounts except her youtube and deviantart which will remain alive.
    “I will continue to make art and music, doing the things I love” Feather explained. So for any feather fans out there you will be able to continue supporting this wonderful artist through her two remaining accounts. For now though Feather says “I will be finishing all here current commissions and collaborations.” Afterwards however Feather’s horse content will be put on hold until she has decided she has sorted out her personal life
For now us here at >HorseNews wish this artist and her sadly vaginaless work a farewell.

Comments (6)

  1. We'll see her back, they always come back

  2. She will be missed. Hopefully, she can bud into something truly creative with this new job she has. I, for one, will continue to support her.

  3. i understand why she would leave. but guy's, this could become a problem. the fans that all came to the fandom in 2011 and 2012 are all becoming old and are moving on with ther lives. this include a big portion of the contend creators. the artist (sfw and nsfw), the songwriters and singers.
    is it possible that this is the begining of the end?
    >implying the rides ever ends.

    1. IMO i think eventually by every one that leaves, someone will come and take his/her spot, it's the course of this ride

  4. I just don't get it... if you find yourself bored with something, and you "leave teh fandum", why even announce it like it's a big deal?

  5. Feather feels an obligation to tell her fans what's up. Understandable imho.