Russian Liberals Confirmed Bronies?

For all those people out there who believe Russia is a backwards, messed-up state that is way behind its time...
Best husbando, /mlh/?
You're goddamn right it is.
Recent footage on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" featured an interview with top Russian liberal Alexei Navalny.  In the interview, Navalny revealed that he had shot at protesters with rubber bullets in the past.  But nobody really cares about that.  Nobody here can honestly tell me they wouldn't relish the opportunity to fire painful projectiles into a crowd of, let's say, social justice warriors.

What is really important about the interview is a picture that can be seen on a whiteboard in Navalny's office.

It's a bit blurry, but still fairly easily recognizable.  Using our special Horse News state-of-the-art photograph-enhancing technology basic knowledge of MLP-related pictures, we were able to determine that the picture on the whiteboard is the following:
Yep, that's right.  Le maymay faces.  Hanging in the office of a Russian political official.

After first seeing the blurry image, fans of the show felt as though this was reason to celebrate.

"Russia has been getting a lot of negative press lately for their repression of homosexuality, so it's nice to see at least some Russians aren't afraid to express who they are," said one self-proclaimed brony.

But when the image was blown up and the picture was discovered, all senses of hope quickly dissipated.
Coming soon to the European Theater...
"Is bullshit!" exclaimed one Russian anon in between long pulls of vodka.  "He give bad represent to Mother Russia!  He take gay faggot meme back to Reddit!  He bring even more shame than homosexual!"
/pol/ took it pretty well, too...
While little is known as to why a Russian political official would have le Reddit maymays hanging in his office for all to see, we are fairly certain of one thing:

If Strelnikov were still here, we sure as hell wouldn't be having any of this shit.
Never forget

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  1. Well, it's definitely there and I assume that's his office?

    In case any anon wants to check it out for themselves, have a free link

    RIP in peace Strelnikov

  2. >Hanging in the office of a Russian political official.
    Yes, a fictional Russian political official. You realize it's called COMEDY central right?

    1. >fictional

      Nope, fictional he ain't.

  3. not available in Ireland?! RACISTS! JUST BECAUSE WE'RE PART POTATO? man i wish there was more pony news in ireland. there's literally nothing!