Pony Creator Gets Own Toy Line

Next fall, fans of General Zoi's pony creator will be getting a very special surprise from Hasbro in their local toy stores.

Hasbro plans to release a line of "customizable" My Little Pony characters, seen at the most recent Toy Fair. ManChildren will be able to put the ponies together in whatever way they see fit, as well as being able to add a number of accessories to their custom pony.
"After seeing all the creativity that came out of the Pony Creator, there was no doubt in our minds that we needed to capitalize," said one Hasbro exec.  "We believe that there is a lot of artistic potential in the My Little Pony fandom and that these toys will allow fans an opportunity to express that."

Fans will be able to customize the toy's hair and add a number of various stickers and accessories to the pony toy.
 "Holy shit, this is the best thing that Hasbro has ever made!" said blogger EdgeMasterShadowPony69.  "I can finally make a pony toy that looks like my OC, Coldsteel the Pony!"
Yes, fans of My Little Pony will finally be able to make their own edgy pony OC toys as they have dreamed about for many years.  Hasbro claims that this will be the first in an innovative new wave of customizable childrens' toys, saying they enjoy giving audiences the freedom to either stick with their beloved characters or make something completely crazy and unrecognizable.

Some, however, are not so convinced this is a good idea.

"I can't even begin to imagine the abominations that will come out of this," said one Anon.  "The last thing anyone needed was a reminder that Pony Creator exists, much less a three-dimensional version of it."
R-Rarity? What have they done to my waifu?!?

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  1. Hey, Hasjew! Took you motherfucking goyems long enough to follow Mattel's lead. Monster High did the create a (insert noun here) thing better.