NCAA Apparently Sanctions Spaghetti

My Little Pony conventions aren't the only things with limits on spaghetti.
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That's right, the NCAA gave three Oklahoma football players a temporary suspension for excessive consumption of spaghetti.

While little is known about the guilty players, we are assuming that their love of pasta has some sort of relation to their potential enjoyment of a certain children's cartoon involving poly-chromatic miniature equines.  What other reason would they have for dealing with large quantities of noodles?

The players each had to donate bout tree fiddy $3.83 to a charity of their choice, but the generous young men upped the ante and donated a whole five dollars to charity instead!
It was about that time that I noticed the NCAA was about 500 feet tall and from the Paleolithic Era!
Meanwhile, sports fans are still left wondering why the NCAA is always so quick to act on trivial matters such as this and yet remains so slow and ineffective on issues that are actually important.
Sounds familiar...

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  1. I don't have a proper response for this.

  2. Dumb. Ho-hum. What's on RAW?