Le Reddit Army Strikes Again

Today, Tara Strong made that one big mistake that many of us have probably made once in our lives by visiting le Reddit for an AMA.

Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1xgf2x/hi_everyone_voice_actor_tara_strong_here_ready_to/

Strong arrived on the scene at approximately 3:00PM EST, ready to answer a number of questions being asked by her numerous autistic brony adoring fans of many of her VA roles.  The AMA started without incident: Fans begged Strong to answer their fangirling and ass-kissing asked Strong questions about her works and life, and she answered some of them.
Tara reading the posts on her le Reddit AMA
But what happened next was an incident of such great magnitude that even 2007 /b/ would have had to tip their fedoras in respect.

A few le Reddit mastur troles decided to seize the opportunity of the “brony queen’s” appearance to cause massive soreness in the glutes of their fellow autists le Redditors.  These users used the technique of “downvoting” to hide questions of fellow users at the bottom of the page so that Strong would not notice, and therefore not answer, those questions.
"Aww ur so mean :(((((((((("
“It was the perfect opportunity,” said le Reddit user BronyTroll69, who wore his signature Troll Face shirt and Guy Fawkes mask for the occasion.  “Tara is known for being such a big troll so we had to troll her back!”

“Oh my gosh, these guys need to stop trolling us,” complained le Reddit user 20percentcoolerMLP.  “It’s not nice and our queen’s gonna be really mad at us :(”
"Luv an tolrate XD"

More info on the AMA and le Reddit mastur troles’ efforts to destroy it as it comes up.

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  1. I like the Entertainment tag

  2. "I would say... I've been weirded out a few times at conventions when there were huge lines and someone's just stands there STARING, and STARING... I had one guy standing there with a plushy just staring at me for a good 45 minutes. Creepy."

    Ok which one of you was this?

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