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Tara's reaction to EQG 2
Tara Strong is getting raunchy again. This time, though, she's getting man children, real children, puppets, and now the fandom involved with her new web series: Funporium! (REALLY I SWEAR)

Pretty much what you get when you mix Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the Muppets, 30 rock, and Drawn Together, Funporium! looks to be a show filled with wonderful writing and story development sure to bring respect to the web series format a decent source of cheap lelz and inside jokes for the internet to mindlessly enjoy between pony episodes. 

It goes like this: Created by E.B. Grzesiak, Funporium's premise basically goes like this: "What happens on the set of an educational once the cameras stop rolling? Trust us, it's not pretty." Interesting concept, especially considering this is going for a more teenage to young adult kind of audience, which I'm sure no one on the set is new to. Do you know what this means!

We might actually get to hear Tara Strong say...naughty words.

T-talk dirty please
Mmm, well as enticing as that is alone, Tara isn't the only person on the project, there's also other characters to talk about. For instance, Nick Hamm-Sandwijk (hmm, he's overweight, nerdy, and socially awkward/damaged? Boy I don't see why this would be marketed to?) who is played by Michael McCaffrey, is a grieving widower who hoped joining Funporium would turn his life around.

Token Man-child
Being severely plagued with self doubt, Nick here compensates and decompresses by writing My Little Pony/Dr. Who/Firefly fan fiction. Evidence of this is seeded everywhere in the show. 

Oh boy, the ride surely will never end, will it?

Funporium! currently has a kickstarter going so you can donate large sums of shekelz money to this REAL project and receive wonderful prizes in return. An example of such prizes as the one of a kind $750 BRONY PACKAGE, where you can get a Twilight Sparkle prop used in the show signed by Tara and some other people we seriously doubt you care about, and then other stuff we seriously doubt you even really want compared to a signed Twilight doll.

For more information this writer was too lazy to write about, a promo video, and to donate to the Funporium! project, click on this big ol' section of text right here for the kickstarter page.

Horse-News is not responsible for any of your really absurd kickstarter donations, nor are we responsible for you thinking this isn't true. If you are butthurt, Tweet Tara Strong.

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  1. Dat song in the promo. It's almost like they stole it from the video of Moot's recent trip to Anthrocon. :^) Joking aside, this has potential to be hilarious. MLP Critic, have you played Lollipop Chainsaw? Tara said plenty of lewd things within.

    1. Correction. I want to see her say things NOT as a cartoon character

    2. @MLP critic

      Can't we have her do BOTH?