Convention News round-up - Panels, and Ponies, and Charities, oh my

Ohhh my indeed 

A lot of news coming out of the convention scene the last few days, as groups around the country and around the world begin to finalize their plans for the upcoming convention season. Panels, guests, charities, press approvals - things are starting to pick up the pace. We've included some basic updates and links below.
BABScon Updates:
Being BABScon is one of the first conventions this year, (April 18-20) naturally the most news would be coming from them. This week, as we previously invented reported, they are hosting an art contest to win passes to the convention. The contest wraps-up tomorrow, so be sure to get your artwork done and tweeted by then.

ALSO Wrapping-up tomorrow is the Fundly drive for the BABScon /mlp/ Charity Merch Table. After the gift for Lauren was funded, all additional funds are going to support the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) foundation. Donors who give through the fundly before Saturday will receive limited-edition Tracy Cage trading cards. If you don't want the cards or cannot donate in the next 24 hours, but still want to support the charity drive, have no fear. The Tracy Cage Charity Train has a link for direct-donations to the cause, to help provide support services for victims of sexual abuse.
There is also a bit of panel news building from BABScon, which will be added as it is confirmed. (Spoiler alert: it was submitted as a result of a Horse-News poll).

Grand Brony Gala: GGBG is the convention taking place in Tampa Bay from August 15-17th. They recently announced that submissions for panels is now open. Of particular note about this, is that GBGG may be one of the few pony conventions that allows for 18+ panels (which, if you're reading Horse-News, you're probably into). The panel submission page reads:
All panels must be PG-13, unless a LATE evening hour is requested. (Fri/Sat only)
What does this mean for attendees? Maybe a clopfic panel? Maybe a raw /mlp/anel? Won't know until you submit it, so if you want to discuss Season 4's tentacle scenes and "creamy...creamy frosting" you better let them know.

Everfree Northwest: Vendor Applications close on the 20th. So if you plan on hocking anything in Seattle (yeah, Seattle. Before you ask, we are not sure how the new legalization laws factor into this, you may have to check with the zoning commissions), get it in by the end of next week.

Nightmare Nights Dallas: IT'S HAPPENING. That's all you really need to know right now.

Not this, the con itself. This is just really good art. Can't you just appreciate that?
TrotCon: Confirmed for still having the most hilariously casual convention twitter feed.

GalaCon: You might remember GC as the convention that happens in Germany with that OC you like.
Yeah that one. They just put their old con-book PDFs online. Inside has art of that OC. What you do with information is between you and your ISP.

Bronycon: Still no word on the location of the space-shuttle launch site, but hopefully we get it soon. It was confirmed this past Fall that the convention will be located on the lunar surface, and that strippers would be allowed.

Horse-News is currently pursuing press-credentials for nearly all conventions this year, to provide future coverage.

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  1. Already got approved for a panel at GGBG a month or so ago m8. I just need to contact them to make sure its still on.