Clyde's Adventures: Meet Pinkie Pie's OTHER sister.

Following the first images of Pinkie Pie's mysterious third sister from "Pinkie Pride", a new general has sprung forth, chronicling her life. The stories have three main plot points. As the header describes:
This is the story of Clyde, the oldest Pie daughter.

>Mentally retarded
>Lives on the rock farm, even as an adult
>Just loves exploring
What interesting.

WHICH droopy-eyed pony?
Unlike many other stories that touch on the topic of mental disability, or skirt around the issue, the stories of Clyde dive right into it. Some compare the content to that of the comic strip "Clarissa", with the dark abuse overtones being replaced with mental disability.
In many cases, Clyde - the fan-name given to the droopy-eyed mare seen in the picture - is not the main character, so much as her Father Igneous, who struggles to maintain his patience and composure while caring for his now-adult child. Many are light-hearted, but be warned, this is not a series for those with a weak disposition, as should be expected.

If you want to see more, be sure to check out the archives on the comic's tumblr.
Of course, it's not all just comic strips, in the threads there are even original songs, greentext stories, and original artwork, so if you want to see more of, or contribute to, Clyde's story, you'll have visit the threads.

One final note, for those who do not understand why she was given the name "Clyde".


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