Viewer Caps and Raritraps: New Week New Stream

With the success that was Horse New's first ever official livestream Horsefucker Hour, we are already planning new things for next week.  Next weeks stream will be full of less trial and error and chock full of new content ranging from discussions about upcoming shit storms, state of the fandom, and interviews with different board related figures.

Today you saw a very haphazard stream with Broadcast Producer Rarifag, Writer FedYourPony, the handsome Faget Faggotson (Cribbs), and me, your Editor Jim.  Towards the beginning it started with an almost immediate used cap, thus restricting access to the stream to dozens, if not hundreds of users.  The admins here at Horse News had almost no idea that the stream would fill up that quickly, and did not realize it would gain that much popularity.  After spending a large portion of time attempting to figure out how to remove the image cap, we decided that it would be better to continue the stream rather than waste it trying to fix what could not be fixed.

Soon afterwards we watched a few youtube videos ranging from kek's to PMV's featured on Horse News.  Many users had a good lel and overall the response from the chat was good.  After a few video's, Rarifag began singing in falsetto to "Apples to the Core" which led to user Malic Savros labeling Rarifag as a "trap."  Afterwards the entire chat was full of 50 horsefuckers collectively dubbing rarifag as "Raritrap," thus leading to the creation of this photo by user and artist "poneh."  Then once the "raritrap" shitstorm settled we brought in the new voice actor for broadcast host "mlp-tan" for an interview.  To sign off we ended the stream with an arousing read of an article by none other than Faget faggotson.

Overall everyone in the stream had a great time, and despite us just treading the waters of livestream, it seemed like the stream was a general success.  Next time though, we will be much more prepared.  Currently we are planning on either upgrading livestream for unlimited viewers, or moving the stream to other stable streaming sites, such as Justin.TV.  We will have in store discussions with the Horse News crew about the boards, and live readings of /mlp/ posts and other fandom content.  We may even have special guest appearances.

We can only get better from here, and we owe it to you, our readers, for our current success.

The sky's the limit horsefuckers,

See y'all next week.

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  1. Guys you know that you can get above 50 views if you verify the channel, right?

    1. Well of COURSE they knew, duh. They were only pretending not to know, obviously.

      What? You think it would be ridiculous for them to pretend not to know? Therefore it's completely senseless to ask them "you know that you can get above 50 views if you verify the channel, right"? You only formed that as a question because you knew they didn't know and wanted to rub in the fact that YOU knew, or something? Hmm?

      There's no good reason to make questions like that, so stop it. They wouldn't pretend to not know it, so why ask?

      "Hey Anon, you DO know you are NOT supposed to split infinitives, right?????????? Just checking. Just sayin'. Only trying to help, bro...."

      Why thank you. "They wouldn't pretend not to know it, so why ask?" Even though I didn't split it earlier, you'd have gotten me for that one anyway, wouldn't you? Please point out any typos or grammatical errors that I failed to see. It would make you look SO SMART and you'd feel SO GOOD, wouldn't you? ;)

      I am fully aware that I am the bigger loser right now for bothering to call out someone on a faggoty question to which the asker ALREADY knew the answer. It's a widespread problem though, asking someone "You do realize that blah blah blah...right?" when it's clear that the recipient of the question does NOT know it, but the asker asks it anyway to make the recipient feel as though they were unaware of something that should have been common knowledge. Come on, man.

      Having said that, I have never used any livestream services, and so I wasn't aware of that. If I do use the Livestream website in the future, it's nice to know that that's how I can get rid of the 50-viewer cap, so thanks for posting Anon! :)

    2. Gee anon, I didn't know you were such a big fan of dick

  2. I sure would have liked to join the livestream if it weren't for the fact that it was fucking 3:00 a.m. here when it started.