The Return of Roid Rage - now with a child-friendly name

No matter what you call him - Roid Rage...Snowflake...Big McLargehuge... Say goodbye to your headcanons (and for some of you your extensively-dedicated cosplay identities) because the big bulky buffoon has a brand new handle - Bulk Biceps. He will be appearing in this Saturday's episode, struggling to flap his tiny wings (that are clearly genetic and not a reference to genital shrinkage resulting from excessive steroid usage) despite the fact we have already seen him fly much better in Hurricane Fluttershy...and Wonderbolts Academy

Watch the video below.

Many are left to wonder if this is the moment Meghan McCarthy is referring to by her "Fandom Freak Out" prediction.

A second clip has been released, but since the video is unlisted we cannot embed it here. You can find it here.

Comments (5)

  1. Cry "pandering" all you want; I see this more akin to Camp Lazlo's fleshing out of its bg characters.

    1. Hasdrone, pls go

    2. Hey I call out the show when it fucks up, like the "-licious" bullshit last week.

    3. That's a fuckup? Nigga PLEASE.

      I can forgive this retcon.

  2. I like the choice of voice they gave him. It suits him.