Saturday's Episode "Pinkie Pride" leaked by Google

Can't wait for saturday?
Now you don't have to! Thanks to Google!
That's right the much-anticipated episode "Pinkie Pride" has been posted to the Google Play Store. So for "$1.99" you can skip a day of waiting. We learned a lot of things in this episode. We will be adding and recapping them below the spoiler line.

Things we learned:

Rainbow Dash is officially 21 now (no wonder she was always deprived alcohol) You can quit fighting about canon ages. People are still fighting about her canon age, saying there could be more candles on the cake making her 35, or that the candles don't matter.

Pinkie Pie has 3 Sisters.
Is it fitting that Pinkie Pie's key is a rubber cock?
Cheese Sandwich DOES in fact give Pinkie Pie the cock, as one person predicted.
It's a rubber cock named "Boneless".
Pinkie Pie can speak and sing in Mexican Spanish

Answering THIS anon's question from yesterday

And luckily we have an anon who "speaks taco".

This musical episode, complete with 7 songs, was written by Amy Keating Rogers. Many fans are regarding this episode as the best of the season so far, and one that truly recaptures the "Season 1 Spirit", and others say that "it's good to have the 'Old Pinkie' back". 

Bonus saliva-bride-cloud

Comments (8)

  1. I'm happy to just have some good ol' pinkie pie flare back and not her senselessness that she's had lately.

    She's not my favorite horse, but she's got a special place just for being Pinkie.

  2. You need to get some yuropoor writers or else you're going to be 2slow forever

  3. >tfw your post is capped for horse news

    Am I internet famous yet?

  4. Wow, the music actually works well in this episode.

    These last few episodes have been really well paced.

  5. Did Weird Al just steal my fucking waifu?
    God fucking damn it.

    1. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews! Stealing everything white ppl desire!
      jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews! Gotta throw their asses back in the fire!

  6. The best FiM episode ever.