Rarifag tells HN about his love life, erections raged

In a recent conference chat, based Rarifag revealed his scandalous romantic adventures at his last convention visit. And although multiple sources have confirmed that, in fact, nobody cares about Rarifag's love life, I'm doing this anyways.

Our top scientists have discovered that undercooked pasta might be the cause of this recollection of how much pootang Rarifag has gotten in recent years, or perhaps the result of from too much fanfiction.
However, seeing how nor/mlp/eople are clearly suave gentlemen, it was revealed he chatted up the badge line with cos-players, with only minimal spaghetti spillage. After this, his exploits continued with the reveal of his primary love interest and temptress to all, Ms "Gabby-Chan", whom he attempted to ask out. Over the internet.
"Well I didn't bed her. She brought her boyfriend."
When questioned about why he didn't use his godliness and super human abilities to make his challenger submit, Rarifag only stated "He was a fucking wimp. And I am a 4 year varsity wrastler". Being the pimp he truly is, this bad turn of events didn't even phase him, as he recalls the party that occured later that night. With every guy having a girl but him, based Rarifag met...her.

"Then, bagoosh, this vendor chick walks in. "Shannon" was her name."
He goes on to recall her beautiful soft american titties and beautiful curvy plot butt. How she edged her way to his lap and whispered sweet nothings in to his ear. When interrupted and questioned about his story, Rarifag smoothly responded "holy fuck guys can I just tell [my] story". 

Truly nothing this erotic and fantasy filled has ever graced a Skype chat. It was truly the greatest erotica this reporter has ever seen. For your hormonal pleasure, a chat log is available here: http://pastebin.com/eSxVYxg8

Attempts to contact both Shannon and Gabby-Chan resulted in several threats of lawsuit and harassment charges.

However, a comment on Rarifag's exploits was received from user 'Jimfrommlp'

"no hooves/10"

I couldn't agree more.


There is now confirmation that Rarifag is in fact a trap, which was revealed in the recent livestream. For further information please see TwitterAnon's scathing article at http://www.horse-news.net/2014/01/freelance-rarifag-confirmed-for-trap-on.html

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  1. <3 Alright, no more circle jerks like this. This was just too stupid to pass up.

  2. I for one got a good laugh.