Panda Rings

According to our top scientists, an incredible amount of Panda Rings have been handed out to locals by a currently unidentified woman wearing a large trench coat, large sunglasses and a nifty beige fedora. She is described as being blonde, with the apparent initials of "M. M." stitched onto the coat, that we're certain is where she keeps all of these Panda Rings.

We reached out to our glorious overlords at Hasbro and their mouthpiece, the Hub. They had this to say:

While we're uncertain of what this exactly means, we can assume that this only means that the Panda Rings handouts will only increase, perhaps tenfold. On top of that, our top scientists here at Horse News have also found a subliminal message in this video:

What this spells out for us is that this season has been a flurry of Panda Rings so far, and that there seems to be no end in sight. As deep as the pockets of this mysterious woman's jacket is, it seems like we have no choice but to butter up our fingers in hopes of coping with the moments to come.

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