/mlp/ Media Domination

That and cumming inside Rainbow Dash
A reminder to all you to subscribe to the /mlp/ YouTube channel. There's a number of small things there to keep you entertained. They can be found here, and also >implying facebook, go give the page "4chan Pony" a like on Facebook.

Our board's eventual media domination can only be done if we use our endless fervor and mass population to the best of our abilities. To cap this post, have a picture of our new news anchor, Faget Faggotson Butch Aardvark. Isn't he dreamy?

Comments (9)

  1. Truly, the best and brightest minds of our generation

  2. what a time we live in to actually have this being a thing

    surely nothing can go wrong

    >mfw there are people not posting as anon
    >mfw i have no face

  3. >Based Horseshoes
    this shit gon be good.

  4. This has some potential. Don't forget to announce Horseshoes' new analysis videos. It's only fair given his support of this site.

  5. >actually making a facebook that just posts maymays and shares videos
    I knew we were the worst board on the site, but this is taking it to a whole new level