Freelance: Anon Creates Ask Princesst Twilght Tumblr to Replace the Fallen Ask Princess Molestia -TwitterAnon (UPDATES!)

With the take-down of Ask Princess Molestia, many members of /mlp/ are still mourning, looking for a replacement for their suggestive-themed pony Tumblrs.

An anon by the name of PonyDicks looks to fill the hole in their hearts by starting up a new Tumblr, based around the idea of  Twilight and the gang go on an adventurous rape-war."

Will this be a success? Will it fail like many of the other /mlp/ projects that have popped up in the years? We will have to wait and see. However, if you are interested in helping, PonyDicks is looking for a few drawfags to help maintain the page.
You can email PonyDicks at: or contact him on the Tumblr.


UPDATE: It seems that the tumblr has committed seppuku.

UPDATE: The URL just changed! It is now at

Comments (11)

  1. Aaand it's down. Geez, those but hurt SJWs work fast don't they?

  2. The name just got changed, fear not noble anon. The first name had an extra s which made princess work but not incest. Go figure.

    Changed to URL. Apologies for the 'downtime'

  4. This kind of gives the wrong idea of what APM was. It never contained any rape, it was just lame mainstream washed down stuff. That's why many people on /mlp/ didn't care for it in the first place.
    So I wouldn't call this a "replacement" but just an attempt at generating some butt tears from SJWs, with questionable artistic merit.

    1. "but just an attempt at generating some butt tears from SJWs"
      I think that's the WHOLE point.

  5. "just an attempt at generating some butt tears from SJWs"


  6. What the fuck does SJW stand for?

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