Final Draft and Everfree Network gain thousands of fake Twitter followers

Following the end of the Episode Saturday morning, an anon noticed something strange happening to some accounts he followed. Particularly those belonging to the Everfree Network. For over an hour as of press time, the accounts belonging to Final Draft, Kiniro, and the EFN Twitter, each began skyrocketing in follower counts.  Dozens every minute in fact, jumping thousands by the hour, and nearly every one of them a fake account. Such trends are typical of "Paid Subscriber" services, in which you fork over a pile of money and have your e-peen enlarged  follower count grown artificially. Is EFN paying for followers, or is somebody paying to prank them? Evidence is pointing to the latter.

Kiniro, one of the known accounts benefitting from this artificial spike, seems to know nothing about the origins of the spike, and there is no word yet from Final Draft or any of the other EFN staff about this. However it is speculated that it is unlikely that somebody would pay the potentially hundreds of dollars required to raise the follower numbers of three other accounts as a joke, but would they?
Twitter confirms that the majority of the followers each of these accounts has, are in fact fake.

Kryptonlogic, head of EFN News, has said that neither he nor any of his staff know anything about the spike.

Shown here: comparison to EQD's rating
More on the story as it develops.
No matter who is responsible, as one anon puts it:
"Whether it's someone else spending hundreds of dollars to screw up someone's reputation, re: being obsessively autistic about a kid's cartoon with exorbitant amounts of fanmade pornography, or FinalDraft spending hundreds of dollars do bolster his reputation, re: being obsessively autistic about a kid's cartoon with exorbitant amounts of fanmade pornography, it's sad no matter what."
 Update: Final Draft's response

Update: 24 hours later, the EFN twitter alone has gained 42 Thousand new followers and still climbing. Based on estimates from service sites, whoever paid for the fake followers has sunk hundreds of dollars into the endeavor. If this proves to be a prank like the one detailed in this Daily Dot  article,it may prove to be the most expensive prank played in fandom history.

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  1. How can one be such a huge faggot?
    >Look at me I'm so cool! I have a life and everything! Unlike you, non-specific person I don't like! I can't really spell though, but that's okay, it's not like I'm a wannabe news reporter!

  2. Oy vey! My plan to gain over 6 million twitter followers has been discovered!
    Quick! Blame it on /mlp/!

  3. Wait, FD works? I thought he was too busy with his hobby of 'professional livestream journalist lobbyist'

  4. Twitter Audit Report

    Horse News
    307 Real
    49 Fake

    86% Audit scoreTweet this Audited less than a minute ago

  5. Oh Final Draft: Gets a ton of followers that he doesn't deserve, calls them #jackasses. That is some amazingly beautiful logic right there I tell you. 8^)

  6. When are we going to get the next video?

    All this reading is making me wish I picked up War and Peace instead, like I was planning to last year.

    1. It would be close. The guys in charge of the videos have actually started using flash. The making of the puppets took significant time but future videos should be much faster to produce.

  7. Holy.. EFN now has 50k+!

  8. He's claiming a hoax?

    Really? Who in their right mind would pay over a thousand dollars to "prank" a shitty news website?

    They're just trying to make themselves look good so they can be 'the ones' for Pony conventions and other stupid shit. What a sad little business.

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