Draw Thread Compilation #2

 Another thread, most of it from yesterday. You can find the entire Draw Thread collection at their dropbox here, which includes a few omitted sketches and repeats from yesterday. The pieces there are in the full resolution, prime for your nicely-organized folders. A fair warning to those who are disinclined to losing their jobs; there is a handful of NSFW down below.

>picking anything other than Totodile in Johto 

Repeats are magic~

>tfw no scanner

I tell ya son, the ass was fat

"Now let me tell you why that's >rape"

"Okay dere Baby 'Non, Miss Way gave me this for you..."

The fuck is with all these ponies and their sandwiches. Like seriously. 


Comments (6)

  1. Never stop being awesome, drawfriends.

  2. /mlp/ has a surprising amount of talent.

  3. Totodile master race checking in.

  4. >rarara as a pet

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