Behind the Wildfire Sculpture: A Deep Probe

A DeviantArt mystery has been unravelled. Late last night, a mysterious DeviantArt account called "PonySculpts" went live,  featuring only a single piece - a very detailed sculpture of Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti's OC, "Wildfire". Despite the fact the DeviantArt had no followers at the time of posting and had no other discernible information, the Artist claimed that this was a commission, implying that somebody paid for it, and that somebody else doesn't want anyone to know they made it. Speculation has swirled all day long, but we here at Horse-News have the exclusive scoop!

The image above was only a preview of the completed artwork, with the more detailed version seen below. 

Our bullshit "investigation" began with the DeviantArt user PonySculpts. We inquired about who commissioned the piece, and how much was offered to do it. The reply was short, only giving us a link to a shifty forum in the deep web. We then sent one of our informants, who shall only be referred to as "Probes McGlobes", to search around for anyone who recently ordered a commission. After scouring multiple threads and requests, our guy on the inside was able to find one that closely matched the one seen above. He was then able to obtain the username associated with the account, "ynopodnam".  This bit of info gave new life to the search, and our crack smoking team of IT guys went to work making shit up as they went along tracing the IP address of the purveyor of pornographic paperweights.

Several hours later, the machines dinged with a positive match. What shocked all of us here at Horse News the most was were the IP address was registered to: the house of famous brony-musician Mandopony. We now had a buyer, and the subject of the artwork makes sense. Mando likes Sibsy, so why not commission a miniature version of her OC bent over a Subaru exposing her marehood. One half of the mystery has been solved. Now the remaining question: who made this? Why are they hiding in secrecy? 


Our investigation skills were put to the test attempting to track down the creator of this piece, and what with only having a newly created DeviantArt account to go off of, it seemed hopeless...until the comments came in.

You would think she'd be more creeped out by this.

Sibsy was very quick to comment on this piece. In fact, she was one of the first to comment upon the sexually explicit sculpture. This caught our attention, as it was a tad unusual for show-staff to comment upon artwork such as this. 

Not only is she involved in the comments on this piece, but she's actively encouraging discussion on it. Now, we're here thinking, "She can't possibly be behind this, can she? I mean, she's an artist for a children's show! They're held to a higher standard!". The investigative team didn't want to bum rush any conclusions, so they went back in through the rear entrance of the internet into the deep web, which is totally a real place.

Venturing back to the forum, they looked for the thread, but it had been taken down. It was at that point that the team began to suspect a cover-up. Searching all over for any sign of hope, we got a small break; at the bottom of the page, a list of active users. Among those listed was a familiar name: PonySculpts. 

Yeah. THAT rear entrance.

We had found their account, so we decided to check recent postings and other helpful information. Lo and behold, there was a post from hours before that had been deleted. Also discovered of the PonySculpts account on that forum was the signature at the end of each post: "Burnin' rubber!". The similarities were almost uncanny. The cheers were deafening, and could be heard all around the office. We had finally imagined cracked the case. 

Average Day at Horse-News Headquarters
This wasn't the first time Sibsy had "stumbled upon" lewd artwork of her oc.

Once it's all said and done, we weren't really surprised. Mando wanted a sculpture of his waifu's OC Wildfire, and couldn't help but include instructions to make it sexually appealing. Sibsy, bored of only doing drawings, wanted to branch out into other artistic mediums, so she decides to offer her skills on the deep web. Mando, not one to ruin his "perfect" image, goes balls-deep to the deep web as well to find someone willing to do the deed. The sculpture gets created, money changes hands, and both parties go on their way, right? Not if Horse News has anything to say about it. Once the image was posted, speculations began to swirl, and our team went to work. Once all the information had been gathered, the team put two and two together, and found that Sibsy didn't even know she made it for Mando. Once she put it up on a newly created DeviantArt account, and the comments rolled in, she gave her self away by commenting from her own account. Proud of her work, she abandoned the account, her job done, and our jobs lost.

[Horse News apologises for any jobs lost in the reading of this article.]

This story has been getting a lot of questions about whether or not it's satire.
What you need to know: The art and comments are real.

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  1. Let me get this straight. The theory is Mando went onto deep web, asked "someone" to make him an awesomely lewd sculpture of Sibsy's OC WildFire, and the creator is Sibsy herself? That's gutsy from both of them if this actually true. Inb4 MandoMommy takes down Horse-news for slander,but that won't happen r-right?

    1. Though it's hard to tell, this is one of Horse-News' satire pieces. They're good enough at writing it that you almost question if it's legit. It's all a joke that even Mando and Sibs should be able to laugh at

  2. This is very offensive to my son and his wonderful significant other. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. It was Mando all along.

  4. My sides, this is fucking beautiful. I want to firmly shake the hand of whoever created this.

  5. I love that Sisby is so fucking cool with finding porn of her OC. Why can't the rest of them just realize that clop is never going away and just embrace the lewd?

  6. Man I hate sibsy she's a BICH omg an ass h cues I was going to talk to Andy/mandopony and she shaved from mandopony

  7. I read a lot of interesting things from it. Thank you very much for sharing. Hope you will update more news in the future.